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Tongue2Teeth Mouth Accessory Lets You Clean Your Teeth With Your Tongue


Ever run your tongue over your teeth after not brushing them for a day? It’s pretty gross. But what if instead of grossing yourself out, you could clean them, discreetly, while doing just that? The Tongue2Teeth hygiene product is a tooth cleaning product that slips over part of your tongue, and allows you to get at least somewhat clean while on the go. The product has a coating that kills bacteria, as well as freshens your breath and whitens your teeth. The bristles presumably do a little mechanical abrasion to remove some of the harder deposits as well, though we really think you shouldn’t use this as a replacement for a full toothbrush.

There’s no word on pricing or availability, but you can sign up on their website to be notified of when they’ll be on shelves.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Shittens Are Mittens For Wiping Bums


The human race can be a pretty sad lot if in the year 2013 a product like the Shittens needs to be invented. It’s a set of disposable mittens made from hygienic wipe tissue, and lined with anti-bacterial agents. They can be used to wipe your own behind and make sure you get no doodoo on your fingers, or better yet, to wipe the bum of a baby. Which makes more sense than to assume it’s for yourself. Because, really… everyone can wipe their own bums without getting poo on their hands, right? Everyone.

But to be honest, we’re not sure this is a real product. It’s an IndieGogo campaign, and reading through it, it looks like a joke. Heck, it even seems to have gotten its start on the Howard Stern show with Mark Cuban in attendance. Still, we can’t be sure. It’s just crazy enough to work.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ DudeIWantThat ]

ManHands Manly-Scented Soaps: Because All You Need to Be a Man is to Smell Like One

Man Soap

Remember that song that went something like, “Walk like a man, talk like a man…” by the Four Seasons? They should’ve added something about smelling like man, because apparently, all you have to do to be a man is smell like one. That is, if the promo people behind ManHands line of manly-scented soaps for men are to be believed.

They do have a point. With all the floral and perfume-scented bars of soap in the market, a guy has to do a lot of searching to find one that won’t leave him smelling like a girl. The search is now over, though, because ManHands has got every guy on the planet covered. I’m just not sure if guys will actually want to use the soaps in their novelty-like line, which includes scents like beer, bacon, muscle rub, and urinal mint.

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ManScaping 101: The Selective Hair Trimmer

This is a quandary that the more appearance-conscious men among us often face: to keep all body hair on and look like a small gorilla, or shave it all off and look like a pre-pubescent child? This is as polar a topic as the front/rear pocket wallet decision. Or the facial hair decision. Everyone’s got an opinion and few people agree. The Mudage Jolie Body Hair Remover hopes to split the difference and strike a compromise: simply pass it over the hairier parts of your body and it will only remove some hairs, not all. This way, you can have you cake and eat it too. You can keep enough hair to maintain a semblance of masculinity, but remove the excess that makes you look like you stepped out of the Planet of the Apes set.

Unfortunately, this is a Japanese product and is being imported through the always-overpriced JapanTrendShop. So it’ll cost ya $33.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ IncredibleThings ]

For The Lazy: Chewing On This Spiky Rubber Disc Can Clean Your Teeth

By David Ponce

Compulsive about dental hygiene? Torn up inside knowing there are situations where whipping out a brush is considered inappropriate? Why not start chewing on a Rolly disc? It’s a rubber disc covered in 276 bristles and coated with Fluoride and Xylitol. It allegedly cleans your teeth, much like a toothbrush would. We… we’re a little skeptical. But hey, if dentabones work for dogs, something like this just might to the trick with humans. It’s a little on the expensive side for daily use, but $15 for a pack of 12 means you can definitely use them now and then without breaking the bank. It seems to be available mostly in the UK and across Europe, though they do appear to offer worldwide shipping.

[ Product Page (Awful website with auto-playing YT clip) ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Fancy Some Titanium Toothpicks?

By David Ponce

There might be those of you who’d be a little reluctant to pick at their teeth with a pointy piece of metal, but not us. We think the idea of oral hygiene by multicoloured anodized grade 5 titanium (Ti-6A1-4V) toothpicks is just dandy. “Titanium is light weight, very strong, won’t take a charge, is non-reactive to humans, won’t rust and isn’t ferrous” So that means the unlike their wooden or plastic counterparts, these picks are durable, reusable and plain awesome. They are made by one Jamie Piekkola and sold through his Facebook page. Each toothpick features a slightly rounded tip so as to not make a bloody mess of your mouth, and a set of grooved rings at the other end which can be left metallic or filled in with your choice of glow-in-the-dark epoxy or tritium paint. The epoxy version requires a charging in the light to glow for a little while, while the tritium version is, well, radioactive and will glow for years. It’s not any more dangerous than the tritium used in many watches just for this purpose.

As you can imagine, when it comes to price, you’re not going to pay the same as a set of wooden ones: it’s $35 (natural finish), $40 (multi-colored anodized), Glowrings ($5).

[ Titanium Toothpicks ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]

Toothbrush Features Integrated Fountain-Making Tunnel

By David Ponce

Brushing teeth involves rinsing them, and while there’s plenty of ways to get that water into your mouth, very few are as elegant as this. It’s a toothbrush that features a specially shaped tunnel and spout that redirects the flow of water and creates a fountain when placed under the tap. Then just drink from that to rinse. It’s genius. And it’s not new: Andrew wrote about this in 2007. But that brush was never really available and the prototypes cost as much as a black market kidney. The Rinser Toothbrush by Amron (as it’s called) is $22 on presale, $35 usually. November delivery.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

GoGirl Female Urination Device Improves On An Old Concept

By David Ponce

The deal was that women would get multiple orgasms, and we’d get to pee standing up. Seemed fair, no? So we’re a little unhappy at the treachery that is a female urination device. They’ve been around for years in all kinds of shapes, and in case you’ve never seen one, they are pretty much what you think they are: a funnel for a female’s, uh, crotch, so that she may pee standing up. The GoGirl pictured above improves on that older design in a few ways. Being made from flexible medical-grade silicone, it’s easy to store once you’ve used it: just fold it or roll it up. Of course you’re expected to wash it before storing it and if that grosses you out, you can just toss it. The uniquely shaped tip makes it easier to aim while the flexibility of the material aids in keeping a tight seal; both of these reduce the chance of spillage. At $13 a pop, they’re cheap enough that even if you throw out every single one, you won’t get bankrupted by the occasional use.

[ Product Page ]

Hygienna Solo Is The Go-Everywhere Bidet

By David Ponce

Bidets. They often inspire fear and confusion amongst North-Americans that travel to Europe or the Middle-East. What’s supposed to happen? Water shoots up at us from below? It… washes us? Is it cold? Do you then wipe? What’s going on? But these fears should not be; bidets are great for hygiene and those that use them find the rest of us quite funny. And the bidet aficionados will be positively thrilled at the idea of the Hygienna Solo, a plastic attachment that fits most water bottles and lets you stay clean even when visiting a filthy non-bidet toilet. It’s not battery powered, just squeeze the bottle and let the stream do its business. And then… well, this editor doesn’t know as he’s one of the non-initiated. Still, if your boat will float, it’s $10.

[ Product Page (Caution: auto-playing video) ] VIA [ Geekologie ]