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Futuristic Industrial Helmet Features HUD

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.18.44 PM

Walking down the streets with some Google Glasses might make you into a bit of a Glasshole, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a right time and place to be wearing a heads-up display. The DAQRI Smart Helmet pictured above features not one, but two semi-transparent displays that sit right into your field of view and augment your environment with potentially essential data. A set of cameras provide 360 coverage, allowing you to take photos, videos, and even make detailed 3D maps. It also means you could walk right onto a complex work zone, and know exactly where to go. You could have step-by-step, illustrated instructions displayed to you as you repair a crucial piece of machinery. With the right software, the DAQRI Smrt Helmet could revolutionize today’s construction industry and dramatically increase its productivity. But it’s not on the market yet, and there’s no word how much it’ll cost once it is.


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Navdy HUD Makes You Feel Like You’re Driving In The Future


Let’s not pretend like we’re going to manage to curb the use of smartphones in the car. We get too many calls and texts, and need the GPS functionality too much to just believe we’ll put them away and not want to use them. The trick is in finding a responsible way to do so, and Navdy seems just about right. It’s a standalone device that sits just above your dashboard and projects a heads-up display (HUD) right onto your field of view. The image is projected on a transparent screen, which makes it look like it’s floating 2 meters in front of you, that way you never have to take your eyes off the road. Navdy lets you see who’s calling, who’s texting, and where you are and where you should be heading. It’s controlled through voice and gesture commands, has its own dedicated applications, and connects to both iOS and Android devices. Texts are read aloud through a text-to-voice function, and can be replied to in a natural manner. If a call comes in, the navigation screen is simply shrunk somewhat, but doesn’t disappear, so you won’t get lost.

All in all, it looks like a solid piece of tech for anyone who doesn’t already have something similar integrated in their car. It’s currently on pre-order for $299, but is expected to shoot up to $499 when it goes full retail. We’re not sure that the $500 price point is really the best place to be given the proposition, but we haven’t come across too many products like this before.

Incidentally, you should totally check out the promotional video below. The actor is giving off some serious Zach Galifianakis vibes.

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Data Galore On The Slopes With The Snow2 Goggles


What’s better than shredding some slopes, and getting some fresh air and exercise in the process? Well, slathering the experience with reams of data, of course! The Snow2 HUD system for ski goggles places a virtual 14″ image only 5ft. away from your eyes, in an unobtrusive corner, and grants you access to a suite of sensors that keep track of everything from speed, to airtime, to altitude changes, to outside temperature, and more. You can listen to music streamed from your phone, see texts as they come in, plot your position on a map, all the while never taking your eyes off the slope, and everything is controlled through a waterproof wrist-mounted Bluetooth-connected remote that can be easily accessed with gloves on.

Snow2’s modular design enables it to be integrated into goggles created by many of the world’s leading goggle brands. Depending on the goggle brand, the HUD can either be purchased pre-installed or separate from the goggles, whereby you simply snap fit the HUD into the specially designed Recon Ready goggle frame

There are actually more features than we care to list in this short article, but the gist is that the Snow2 will finally make your skiing (or snowboarding) experience digital. And if you’re a fan of this site, you’re also probably a fan of that idea. It’s $400, though until December 6th, you can get $100 off as part of their Black Friday deals.

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