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Lenovo Multimedia Keyboard with Remote Reviewed. Verdict: Decent Upgrade for the Price

Lenovo recently updated their paddle HTPC keyboard and the changes aren’t subtle. It already had a hit on their hands with the first generation of this very hand-friendly Multimedia Remote Keyboard and trackball. The tiny trackball has been replaced with an optical sensor that first made waves on the Raon Everun a few years back. The very responsive sensor also doubles as left click mouse button for very relaxed use. The nano dongle and the key layout are mostly unchanged. Most of the device has also been upgraded from slippery gloss finish to a more gripping rubber texture, only the keys remain glossy.

Other improvements include automatic backlighting and raised bumps on the keys for tactile navigation. The mouse buttons have been widened for larger hands to operate without adjusting their grip. The nano USB dongle can be stored in the battery compartment for travel which may be the only time you ever open it. The very strong wireless connection boasts a battery sipping 3 months of life. Other similar keyboards suffer from weak signals but the Lenovo Remote shows no sign of losing connection at even extreme ‘same room’ distances. Check out the full review at Everything USB if you are interested in how the remote fared after extended use.

[Full Review @ Everything USB]

IOGEAR Mini HTPC Keyboard Reviewed. Verdict: Packing Tons Of Function Into A Tiny Package

By Paul McCollum

The HTPC setup is becoming more and more the norm now than just a computer enthusiast project. Major manufacturer support for these projects is making HTPC creation easy enough for just about anyone. Logitech, Microsoft and Lenovo all have models that combine QWERTY keyboards with multimedia controls. The latest from IOGEAR improves on Logitech diNovo Mini’s design in several key areas.

The IOGEAR Mini Wireless Multimeda keyboard has a full QWERTY and combines it with a tiny pearl trackball for mouse control, all in a footprint measuring just 6.5″ x 4″. The trackball sensitivity can be controlled on the keyboard itself. However, the layout is definitely made for the right-handed, lefties will need to adjust. Nearly all keys are backlit and almost every key has an alternate function. There’s also a full top row of multi-function multimedia keys as well for volume and video player control. When you close the lid, the keyboard will automatically go into sleep mode for saving battery life. The wireless dongle achieves more than adequate range from a discrete nano-sized dongle, giving you about 30 ft. range. But has IOGEAR included enough features or lowered the price point enough to make it a serious competitor? Read the details to decide for yourself.

[ Full Review @ Everything USB ]

Lenovo Releases Keyboard/Mouse Combo For Living Room Use


By Chris Scott Barr

Having an HTPC can be a useful thing, what with all of the greatness of a computer hooked up to your big-ass TV. The biggest issue with using them is, well, using them. Sure, if you’re using something simple like Windows Media Center then a remote should do the trick. If you’re trying to do anything that requires typing or mousing, then you’ve got to have the necessary tools. Traditional keyboards and mice are large and clunky, things that should not be found in your living room. That’s why companies like Lenovo are creating hybrid devices that provide similar functionality while still looking like something you’d want sitting on your coffee table.

The latest offering from Lenovo is this Multimedia Remote with Keyboard. Meant to be held like a traditional remote, it offers a trackball at the bottom for your mousing needs. When it comes time for typing, you’ll use the keyboard just as you would with most QWERTY phones. A tiny USB dongle is all that’s require to connect it to your computer. At $60, this should be a welcome accessory to any living room with an HTPC.

[ Lenovo ] VIA [ Dvice ]

GlideTV Navigator Replaces Your HTPC Remote And Mouse

GlideTV Navigator

By Chris Scott Barr

HTPCs have been around for a while now, but the way we control them hasn’t changed much. You’ll generally either use a standard remote, or some sort of in-air mouse and a keyboard. Neither of these is the ideal solution. GlideTV seems to think that they’ve built a device that will be exactly what HTPC users need.

The GlideTV Navigator is handheld device that is supposed to combine “the functionality of a keyboard, mouse and AV remote.” I don’t know that I’d agree with the keyboard part, but it is more or less a combination mouse/remote. You can however download an on-screen keyboard for input. The device works with Windows, OSX, PS3 and any other device that accepts mouse and keyboard HID devices. Some of the other noteable features include:

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Loop Pointer Now Available


By Shane McGlaun

I used to have a HTPC system in my entertainment center, but it kept overheating thanks to low airflow inside the cabinet. The big issues with a HTPC are getting a keyboard and a mouse that work easily with the system. The keyboard isn’t that hard, but finding a mouse that can work while you sit on the couch can be a pain.

If you have a PC in your living room Hillcrest Labs has announced that its Loop pointer is now available on and directly from its website. The pointer looks like a bracelet from the 80’s but it is a full mouse that works in the air and needs no surface.

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