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Deal Of The Day: 47% Off On HTC Desire & 1-Yr Unlimited Talk-and-Text from FreedomPop


HTC Desire, along with 1 year of Unlimited Talk-And-Text service from FreedomPop, for $249? That sounds like a pretty decent deal!

Save up to $1500 each year and enjoy blazing-fast connection speeds with this premium 4G LTE smartphone with service from FreedomPop. With the brand-new HTC Desire, you’ll reap the benefits of Android’s top-notch technology, browse your apps with ease, and stream videos and games to your heart’s content. For a limited time, you can score this quality smartphone and a year of wireless service, including 500MB 4G LTE data, without the hassle of lengthy contracts and cancellation fees.

Unlimited text & talk, plus 500MB 4G/3G LTE data per month for 1 year ($131.88 value)
1 year of visual voicemail – $30 value
1 year of tethering – $47.88 value
1 year of usage alerts – $23.88 value
No contracts or early termination fees
Sleek, durable design
Free international calling
Dependable performance

Normally $475, it’s $249 with today’s deal.

[ Get The HTC Desire & 1-Yr Unlimited Talk-and-Text from FreedomPop ]

Here’s Ancil Lim’s Take on What HTC M8 Could Look Like

HTC M8 Render

Several rumors are circulating all over the internet about the launch of the purported HTC M8, expected to be the successor of HTC One which was codenamed M7. So, we won’t be surprised if the Taiwanese manufacturer releases the device with a different name. There’s no word from HTC about One’s successor, but designers on the internet are thinking beyond their imagination to come up with the concept design of the alleged handset. Among them is Ancel Lim, who created a concept render of what the upcoming HTC flagship device could look like. Keep in mind that this is just a concept design and not something official.

Based on rumors, HTC M8 is rumored to come with a 5-inch full HD display with 1080p resolution, a quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset with a clock speed of 2.3GHz, 2GB of RAM and is expected to run Android 4.4 KitKat pre-installed out of the box. The alleged HTC M8 is expected to see the daylight in February next year, possibly at the Mobile World Congress 2014.

[Concept Phones]

Rumor Mill: Leaked Images of the HTC Max



The One Mini isn’t the only smartphone that HTC has under wraps. Although like the One Mini, they’re doing a pretty bad job at plugging all the leaks. This time around, it’s for the HTC Max.

So from mini, we go to max. As the name implies, this smartphone is larger than your average phone. It’s rumored to come with a 5.9-inch screen with a stunning 1080p resolution. Taiwan’s ePrice claim that the Max will come with a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor loaded with 2GB of RAM. No worries when it comes to storage, as the Max will come with 16GB of it. Continue Reading

Rumor Mill: More HTC One Mini Photos Leaked

HTC One Mini

We’re a month closer to the rumored release of the HTC Mini One this August. While HTC hasn’t made any official announcement yet (and it doesn’t look like they’re about to anytime soon), the leaks just keep on coming. Late last month, specs about the HTC Mini One’s screen resolution was leaked online. A few days before that, a few sources led speculation to an August release date.

This time around, we don’t have much specs-wise, but we do have a couple of images of the rumored smartphone. It’s the smaller, budget-friendly version of the highly-popular HTC One, which many reviewers found to be better than Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

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HTC One Mini Screen Resolution Specs Leaked By an HTC-Owned Domain

HTC One Mini

The HTC One Mini is all but officially confirmed with the leak of these specs on the device’s screen resolution. Rumors have been ride about the yet-to-be-announced device that will be going head to head against Samsung’s Galaxy S4 mini, which will be launched in the next few months.

HTC-owned domain HTCMMS published a user agent profile on the device that contains the device’s name, HTC One Mini. The page also indicates that the device will have a 1280×720-resolution display and that it will run on Android 4.2.

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Rumor Mill: HTC One Mini Might Be Released This August

HTC One Mini

The HTC One is one of the biggest rivals to Samsung’s Galaxy S4, and it looks like both smartphone manufacturers will be facing off once more this summer. Samsung has already announced the Galaxy S4 Mini last month. HTC hasn’t made any official announcements on a mini version of the One, but rumors are rife that a smaller version of their flagship phone is in the works.

Sources claim that the HTC One Mini will be released sometime this August. It will sport a 4.3-inch screen and come with a Qualcomm processor that’ll be less powerful than what the One is equipped with. That’s to be expected, considering that this is the “mini” version of that phone.

HTC will confirm the news in due time, so I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see when or if they do.

VIA [ Electronista ]

Rumor Mill: HTC Working on a 5.9-inch Phablet Version of the One

HTC One Phablet

The One was a fresh entry into the already saturated smartphone market and it might just be the phone to pull HTC out of its slump, with many reviewers hailing it as leagues better than Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Now word on the street is that HTC is working on a larger, 5.9-inch version of the phone that will give the Galaxy Note2 a run for its money.

If the rumors are proven correct, then we should see the phablet version of the One released sometime this fall.

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Deal Of The Day: 77% Off On HTC Evo 3D

By David Ponce

As far as deals go, some are large and some are little. Like yesterday’s. But every little dollar counts, all the more so when you’re looking at a whopping $538 off of a retail, unsubsidized price. Sure, Sprint will give you the HTC Evo 3D for $199 on two-year contract, but today’s deal brings it even lower than that, at $162, still of course with a two-year activation. For this sum you get glasses-free 3D, with two cameras so that you can shoot your own 3D content. Specs-wise, the Evo 3D packs a “dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon CPU, 4.3″ 540 x 960 Super LCD 3D display, dual 5MP rear cameras to capture in 3D (1.3MP front), 3G/4G connectivity and hotspot capability, Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS with HTC Sense UI, 1GB built-in memory expandable via microSD, and more.”

This deal is on until June 30th.

[ 77% Off On HTC Evo 3D ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]

Deal Of The Day: HTC Droid Incredible 2 For $2

By David Ponce

Yeah, so if you’re thinking of getting on Verizon or your contract has expired and you want to renew, how about an HTC Incredible 2 for the princely sum of $2. Considering Verizon themselves are selling this handset for $200, this is a pretty decent bargain with a $198 instant savings and a 4GB SD card thrown-in for good measure. Of course the price includes shipping.

So what about the phone itself? You get a “4 inch WVGA 800 x 480 Capacitive Touchscreen, Android 2.2OS, Dual-facing cameras (8MP back, 1.3MP front), 16GB microSD included (plus that extra 4GB), 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3G mobile hot spot, up to 6.5 hours talk time, Bluetooth, accelerometer, and more.” Most reviewers agree this is a solid phone, with “being a world-phone” touted as one of its strengths as well as snappy performance and decent battery life. It’s not 4G however, though for $2 it’s hard to complain.

[ HTC Droid Incredible 2 For $2 ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]