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V12 Inspired Espresso Veloce For Gearhead Coffee Lovers


Not much is known about the above machine, the Espresso Veloce. It looks like a tiny V12 engine, but it makes coffee of a quality that we can only assume is superior. It’s made from premium materials like titanium, magnesium, and aluminum, and is limited in production to just 500 units. This means it’s likely in the same price range as the kinds of cars that sport V12 engines. It does seem to come with some nifty piston-shaped mugs, though that’s pretty much all we can tell you about it.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Shittens Are Mittens For Wiping Bums


The human race can be a pretty sad lot if in the year 2013 a product like the Shittens needs to be invented. It’s a set of disposable mittens made from hygienic wipe tissue, and lined with anti-bacterial agents. They can be used to wipe your own behind and make sure you get no doodoo on your fingers, or better yet, to wipe the bum of a baby. Which makes more sense than to assume it’s for yourself. Because, really… everyone can wipe their own bums without getting poo on their hands, right? Everyone.

But to be honest, we’re not sure this is a real product. It’s an IndieGogo campaign, and reading through it, it looks like a joke. Heck, it even seems to have gotten its start on the Howard Stern show with Mark Cuban in attendance. Still, we can’t be sure. It’s just crazy enough to work.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ DudeIWantThat ]

Don’t Go To The Mirror, Let The Mirror Come To You


You gotta love first world problems. Oh, you’re annoyed you have to lean over the sink to get close enough to the mirror and pop that pimple? Cool story, bro. Here, have a solution you absolutely don’t need for the problem you just invented, you lazy bastard, you! But hey, if there’s money to be made, someone somewhere will try to sell it. The Miior is a bathroom mirror that’s mounted on a extending scissor arm, much like the smaller side mirrors some restroom mirrors have, only this time the whole thing moves forward. Pull on it, and it’s pressed up against your face, right where you want it so you can examine the pores on your forehead with greater efficiency.

We’re not fond of it, to be honest, because really, what’s wrong with bending forward? But you never know, maybe we’re just too unrefined or something. We don’t know how much it costs, but we can tell you it comes in three shapes and they’ve got built-in diffused LED lighting.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Hedgehog Toothpick Holder Will Tell Your Guests What Kind Of Host You Are


Just don’t ask us what that means exactly. Being the kind of host that serves hors-d’oeuvres in a bowl on which is perched the above toothpick holder would tell us all kinds of things, but since we’re I’m socially inept, I’m not sure what those things are. It could say you’ve got a quirky sense of humor, along with making a statement about how you like to pay attention to detail. Or it could mean that you’re just really into hedgehogs. Or that you like cute things. Because hey, that thing is nothing if not cute.

The price is kind of cute too, though. For what’s basically a little novelty item, you’re going to have to pay $25. It’s being sold at the MoMA store, so someone associated with that institution deemed the little fella cool enough to make the cut. Maybe that explains the premium.


[ Product page ] VIA [ HolyCool ]

Samsung Refrigerator Now Dispenses Soda Water


Stopping one small step short of dispensing Coke or Pepsi right from the door, Samsung has recently announced a partnership with Sodastream that will see a refrigerator doling out soda water from the same mechanism that dispenses still water or ice. You just press a button, select soda, and wait for your glass to fill with bubbly H2O. There’s space inside the door for a 60L CO2 cylinder, which can be easily changed when it’s running on empty.

The rest of the four-door fridge is pretty top-of-the-line stuff from Samsung, featuring 30.5 cu. ft. of space along with a “kid-friendly counter-height FlexZone drawer with four temperature settings, and the proprietary Twin Cooling Plus® technology that keeps food fresher longer.” Of course a fancy fridge comes with a fancy price: consumers can expect to pay $3,899 in April, when this comes out.

[ Product Page] VIA [ Uncrate ]

A Match Made In Heaven: Toilet Paper Holder With iPad Stand


Possibly the nicest thing about modern technology is the way it’s changed the way we do #2. No longer do we have to sit on the throne reading the list of ingredients on a bottle of shampoo. Or even reading a book… like a peasant. We have our smartphones instead! Looking at pictures of cats on the Interwebs while pooping is what smart devices are for. So let’s just drop any pretense of class, and embrace the Pedestal Stand with iPad Holder as a natural and long overdue household accessory. Because come on, guys, who wants to put down their iPad in the middle of watching a cool video, just because it’s time to wipe? Huh?

It’s $45.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gear Diary ]

The Iron Station Is The Ironing Board Re-Invented. Finally

Iron Station__Secondary_01

Ironing clothes on a traditional board is very far from easy. That’s because those boards were designed with… well, God knows what they had in mind when they designed them! You end up moving your wrinkly duds in all directions just to lay one part or the other flat. It’s stupid. But the Ironing Station you see above isn’t. It features a central circular board, and two pivoting arms. That way you can simply insert the sleeves or the pant legs into the arms, and find a flat surface. Close the arms again, and you can iron the back of that shirt. Finally, clamp the collar between the arms and it lays flat, ready to iron.

Us describing it out here really doesn’t do the Iron Station justice. Do yourself a favor and watch the clip after the jump. And check out the other pictures. Out here we’ll mention three more things. One, it has a tripod base, which is pretty cool for added stability. Two, if Quirky ends up making it, it’ll cost around $22. And three, the video has been around for over a year, so we’re not sure what’s up. On the site, it says they’re “making it”, but we can’t quite figure out how to buy it.

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Qualy Flowerpot and Squirrel

Plants… Better keep those away from us. Caring for anything that’s unable to come and nag for its food is a recipe for disaster round these parts. Yet, we’re still suckers for good design, and the Qualy Flowerpot and Squirrel is just the kind of thing we’re sure could brighten someone’s day right up. It’s a self-watering flowerpot with a water container within, which then supplies it to the soil through a cord inside the pot.

Both the squirrel and the plant are dependent on your love and care. And, when you pour water through the knothole, the tiny squirrel will appear in its peephole and will show that the plant has enough water. As the water level decreases, you will see less and less of the tiny squirrel. If you only see its big, round eyes, then the squirrel and plant are awfully thirsty and it´s high time to water again.

It’s roughly $35 (€26).

[ Product Page ] VIA [ LikeCool ]

This Is A One-Dimensional Hanger

The Whoarang Hanger is a beautiful home accessory made from bent plywood. It’s one dimensional, because, well, it’s also a Möbius strip. Kind of. Or at the very least it looks like one, but we’re not splitting hairs here and hope you aren’t either. It used to cost $13, but doesn’t appear to be for sale anymore. But we think that if you harass Dan Hoolahan, the owner of the Etsy shop where this once sold, he might tell you whether he can get you any more. Or not, we really don’t know. In any case, neat-o.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GearCulture ]