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Honda’s Mean Mower Clocks In At 116MPH

Fastest Lawnmower


Honda’s Mean Mower is exactly what its name implies: mean. It’s exactly that as it speeds down the road at a whopping 116MPH. Honda didn’t exactly make this for people to use on their front lawns, because God knows what you’ll cut or how you can mow when you’re moving at that speed. Rather, it was made to break a world record–and break a record it did, as it is now officially the record holder for world’s faster lawnmower.

The Mean Mower is actually a modded, souped-up version of the HF2620 Lawn Tractor tweaked by the British Touring Car Championship squad Team Dynamics. That reminds me. I need a faster robotic lawnmower.

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This Lawnmower Tops Out At 130mph


What’s one of the perks of being Honda, a multi billion dollar global corporation? That it can make vehicles like the one above at whim. They took the body of one of their HF2620 Lawn Tractors and stuffed it with the 1000cc engine from a VTR Firestorm motorcycle. Add in a few mods for suspension and wheels and whatnot, and you’ve got yourself a 109bhp lawnmower that’s capable (theoretically) to top out at 130mph. In testing they’ve pushed it up to 100mph, though we’re assured it can do better. The best part? It still cuts grass, thanks to two electric motors (although, probably not as good as a humbler John Deere ).

Wanna see The Stig take it for a spin? We have that video, along with another promotional one featuring British touring champion Gordon ‘Flash’ Shedden, after the jump.


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ASIMO Reaches Pinnacle Of Sophistication, Now Plays Frogger

By Evan Ackerman

Earlier this week we covered several different incremental improvements in robot AI, including grasping and object recognition. In the video above, ASIMO is demonstrating another (arguably more) important aspect of robot intelligence: the ability to navigate around a dynamically changing environment. It’s not likely that ASIMO will find itself in a situation where it needs to avoid stepping on whirling pink blades of death, but at some point (soon, please) we’ll have ASIMOs walking around our homes, and…

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Go-Kart Pr0n: Great Drifts, Shakes Hand With Death Daily

By David Ponce

You have to watch this video of a dude’s go-kart. He strapped a Honda CBR 900rr engine to a go-kart body and made a monster. Really, just a monster.

Seems we’re on a go-kart trip lately, but this video is something.

VIA [ TechEBlog ]