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Treeasy is a Minimalist Christmas Tree That’s Easy Peasy to Set Up


‘Tis the season to be jolly–and to be lazy! Good food, endless parties, and good friends and family all around? That’s the Holidays in a nutshell (at least, for me.) If you can’t muster up the energy to put up your usual tree and trim it this year, then here’s a bit of advice: go get the Treeasy instead.

As its name suggests, the Treeasy is a minimalist tree that’s easy to put up. It arrives as a flat sheet of aluminum, but pull and fold it up in all the right places and you’ve got yourself a tree.

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We Wish You a Pixelated Christmas and a Happy New Year!

8-Bit Christmas Stocking

It’s officially thirty-two more days before Christmas! Already, I hear malls playing Christmas carols in the background while salespeople walk around in Santa hats showing off presents that you might want to buy for yourself or for someone else.

Christmas starts at home and I think there’s no such thing as breaking out the Christmas decorations too early. But how about geeking up your decor this year by tacking up this 8-Bit Christmas Stocking beside all your other regular Christmas stockings? They’re pixelated all over and even have buttons from a retro gaming controller printed on top–perfect for the gamer in the family (or perfect for you.)

They’re available online for $9.99.

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8-Bit Holiday Wreath Announces Your Gaming Affiliations Proudly

By David Ponce

Now that trampling season is over (aka, Black Friday and alternatively, pepperspray season), it’s time to fully turn our attention to the Holidays. Some would argue that this has been the case since Halloween ended, but who’s really counting? The important thing is that it’s now time to spend lots of cash while remembering Santa’s birthday or something. And in true spirit fashion, it’s time to put the wreaths out. Gamers at heart should check this out:

Crafted of durable EVA foam, the 8-Bit Wreath features shiny gold coins with blinking yellow LEDs, cherries, a controller, a pair of cherries, and a certain green mushroom in a Santa hat, among other goodies.

It’s only $15 but it’s currently out of stock. Should be back on the virtual shelves soon enough though, around December 1st.

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