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Spice Up Your Holidays: Sriracha-Twisted Candy Cane Cookies

Sriracha-Twisted Candy Cane Cookies

Some people like it hot. Not hot as in piping hot, but hot as in spicy, Sriracha hot. That might be fine for a bunch of food and drinks, including popcorn and candy canes, but what about Christmas cookies? You’ll have to be the judge of that by baking your own batch of these sweet and spicy candy cane cookies.

The white part is plain sugar cookie dough, while the red bit is the red spiced dough where the sweet peppermint in traditional recipes is replaced with Sriracha instead. The result is something that you’ve probably never tried before.

You can find the recipe here.

VIA [ Food Beast ]

This Is The Valentine’s Day Card To Get


It might be a bit too late to purchase this card, but hey, any enterprising young man (or woman) could conceivably make their own copy with a few art class tools, no? And we certainly endorse it with much more enthusiasm than your usual crop of corny, schmaltzy, puke-inducing Hallmark creations. Being in love is great and all that, but who wants to be one half of that touchy-feely, lovey-dovey couple everybody hates?

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