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DoorBot Shows You Who’s At the Door (and Lets You Tell Them to Buzz Off, If They’re Unwanted)


Fitting your home with an automated security system requires a huge investment. But if you currently don’t have the cash to get one installed, then  it’s a good thing that gadgets like the DoorBot exist to help you out a bit on that end.

The DoorBot is a WiFi-enabled doorknob with a camera cleverly built in it, so you can see who’s at the door without having to get up and actually check since the camera is automatically activated when they press the doorbell. It works in conjunction with an app, which flashes an alert on your smartphone whenever someone’s at the door. It then lets you access the video feed and either unlock the door or talk to whoever has come a-knocking (or rather, a-ringing.)

Check out a video of the DoorBot in action after the break.

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