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Hello Kitty Contact Lenses: I See Kitties In Your Eyes

Hello Kitty Contacts2

Some contact lenses are corrective so folks can get 20/20 vision again without the glasses. Others are purely cosmetic, making pupils appear larger than normal so its wearers can take on a more doll-like appearance.

Then there are those that transform its wearers look completely: changing the color of their pupils, making it appear like slits, even–or making it look like there’s an image of Hello Kitty on their eyeballs. I kid you not: Hello Kitty contact lenses actually exist.

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So This is a $50 Hello Kitty Melon…

Hello Kitty Melons

So Hello Kitty melons exist.

They’re basically fruit with rinds that have been etched with one of the world’s most popular kitties–and because of that etching, its price has multiplied several times over than that of regular melon. It’s being made and sold by gourmet food specialty shop Belluna and apparently, they’re extremely limited in nature as only 300 of these will be made available.

The Hello Kitty melons will be on sale until July 31st or until stocks last for 4,980 yen (or about $50) each.

What will Japan think of next?

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Casio Celebrates Hello Kitty’s 35th With Themed EX-Z2

k-em542447_l-229x300 By David Ponce

Fact: Hello Kitty is turning 35 this year. Fact: most guys reading this are hoping their girlfriends and/or daughters are nowhere near the computer. Yeah… keep them far, far away gentlemen, or you’ll likely be $500 lighter before you know it. And for what? An Exilim EX-Z2 with 12.1MPs and 3X optical zoom, nauseating amounts of cutesy pink, a bunch of Swarovski crystals and that little cat plastered all over the place.

Sure, it’s completely worth every penny. No, really, it is…

It’s currently on pre-order.

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