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Craneception: When A Giant Crane Lifts A Big Crane That’s Already Lifting A Smaller Crane… Carrying A Tiny Crane… Lifting A Model Crane

By David Ponce

Oh, these Germans sure know how to put on a publicity stunt. The above picture is of a bunch of cranes from German company Liebherr. The largest one of them, which is carrying all the other ones, we believe to be the LR 13000. It’s “the most powerful crawler crane in the world of conventional design”, capable of lifting up to 3,000 tonnes at 12 meters. In the video however, the presenter says it’s got a capacity of 1,521 tonnes. This discrepancy in lifting capacity is probably due to the fact that it’s lifting further away than 12 meters in this particular setting. All the other cranes combine to a weight of roughly 1,430 tonnes, so it’s working at 94% capacity.

That’s… a lot of tonnes.

Canadian company Mammoet will be the first one to receive delivery of the LR 13000. As for cost? We didn’t ask.

VIA [ Gizmodo ]