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These Headphones Will Mess With Your Head


The nice thing about art is that is often makes ‘why’ irrelevant. Granted, sometimes the artist will pay lip service for why he’s done this or that, but art is supposed to evoke emotions within you. Looking at the above Reverse Listening Device, we can’t help but think “WTF is that”, which we’d immediately qualify as effective art. Even briefly delving into the “why” of the thing sort of takes away from its beauty. But in the interest of sound reporting (something we’re definitely known for), the above is the creation of UK artist Dominic Wilcox, who wanted to create a display at Selfridges department store in London as part of an exhibition called the “Festival of Imagination.” It’s called “Variations On Normal”, and is simply a set of headphones that take sounds coming from the left and funnel them to your right ear, and vice versa. The sensation of wearing it is described as “very strange”. Artists are known to give enlightening descriptions.

No, no, this isn’t going to be made into a real product. We’d still like to give it a listen though.


VIA [ C|Net ]

Flip Headphones Cost Money, The Fist To Your Face Is Free


These have been out for a bit, but new headphones come out every other day so you’ll have to forgive us for not having noticed. And we’re only discussing the Flip headphones now because, well, we hate them and feel like ranting. The gimmick here is that in normal listening mode they’re just another pair of headphones, but flip them around and they become a pair of speakers. Yeah, they’re specifically designed so you can walk around with your music blaring around your neck, gracing your surroundings with your undoubtedly wonderful taste in music… These are the headphones that allow you to be ‘that guy’ that everyone at the bus stop just wants to punch, but is too civilized to do so. Unlike you. You… you aren’t like most people, you need attention because maybe your parents didn’t love you enough as a child. We don’t know, but if we see you wearing some Flips, we’re going to… really glare at you.

They’re $120. Now if you don’t believe us about how awful an idea this is, watch the below video and see if it isn’t the most cringe worthy minute you’ve ever seen.

[ Product Page ]

OhGizmo! Giveaway: Monster DNA White Tuxedo Headphones


Monster Products is launching a new set of headphones, (you can probably tell from the ads today and tomorrow), and to celebrate, they’re giving OhGizmo! readers a set to win. They’re called the Monster DNA White Tuxedo, and were officially debuted last night at the 2013 MTV Movie awards. The company hosted a special listening lounge backstage where celebrities signed some of these headphones. They’ll be auctioned off “to support “Jewelry for a Cause,” a charity dedicated to help take illegal guns off the streets.” You can see some pictures from that after the break.

So how do you enter to win? There’s a few things you need to do. The DNA White Tuxedo headphones emphasize a dressed up, black tie type look, so get your suits and cameras. All the following count as an entry in the giveaway:

- Tweet a photo of yourself dressed up to the nines. Include the following hashtags so we can find you: #INMYDNA #MonsterDNATuxedo and @ohgizmo

- Make a comment on this post, with a link to your pic.

That’s pretty much it, we’re keeping it pretty simple. The giveaway will run for a week, after which we’ll announce the winner.

The Monster DNA White Tuxedo headphones will be available starting tomorrow (the 16th) at the Apple Stores and on MonsterProducts.

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Paperclip Headphones: Getting Clippy With It

Paperclip Headphone

Headphones and portable music players let you take your music with you anywhere you want to, and that’s all good. But one problem I frequently encounter is earphones getting tangled in my hair (I honestly don’t understand how that happens sometimes) or on my shirt buttons or on the strap of my sling bag.

Headphones with clips were eventually released to solve that problem, but none of them are as ingenious as these Paperclip Headphones. The paperclip portion is hollow, so you can slide it up and down into position. The best part is that you can use the paperclip to ‘clip’ the cords in place so they don’t get in your way. Whether you’re working, surfing the web, or out jogging, the Paperclip Headphones will keep the cords in order so you won’t have to deal with a tangled mess.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Fat Cats Will Think These Cat Headphones Are the Cat’s Meow

Cat Headphones

So the sofa with the cat habitrail was just a concept, but these Cat Headphones aren’t. They’re actually the brainchild of Sol Republic and Meowingtons, who have decided to churn out ten of these super limited edition babies that’s perfect for feline audiophiles.

Your cat might hate you if you get one of these thousand-dollar headphones (because, really, they’re probably uncomfortable and a pain to wear), but ASPCA won’t. That’s because all proceeds from the sales of the Cat Headphones will go straight to fund their animal advocacy efforts.

Hit the jump to check out an infomercial showing off the Cat Headphones and a link to join the waitlist so you’ll be notified once they go on sale.

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Parrot’s Zik Headphones Pack A Heavy Tech Punch

By David Ponce

Headphones can be boring to write about. But when they’re designed by Philipe Stark and pack as much tech as these, they pique even our blasé minds. “Alongside the standard Bluetooth connectivity, Parrot’s new Zik headphones feature active noise cancellation technology, a touch panel on the right earpiece, a head detection sensor, bone conduction sensor, five microphones and, in a headphone first, integrated near field communication (NFC) technology.” The active noise cancellation senses outside noises and produces “opposite waves” to eliminate up to 25dB of ambient noise. The touch panel on the right ear cup lets you interact with your music: a left/right swipe changes songs, up/down toggles the volume, a single press answers a phone call and a two second press rejects it. The head detection sensor automatically pauses the music then you take them off your head. The bone conduction sensor keeps track of the vibrations in your head and jaw and allows it to better isolate your voice from the ambient noise, and make it easier for your interlocutor to hear you. And finally the NFC makes Bluetooth pairing easier: just tap a compatible device to the left ear cup.

Assuming the sound quality is on par with other headphones in this price range, Parrot may have a winner on its hands. It’s $400.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

OneSense Headphones Block Out Light, Tell Onlookers To Go Away

By David Ponce

It’s more of an art piece and a statement than an actual product, but the OneSense headphones from Joe Doucet are striking enough to be worth a mention. The serve not only as a music-listening instrument, but they cover the eyes as well in an attempt to completely isolate you from the outside world. The spikes you see are meant to be a message to anyone passing by to leave you alone.

“One Sense not only obscures environmental sight and sound from encroaching on the wearer, but utilises the color red and a display of spikes, drawn from nature’s symbols for warning and defence, to alert others not to intrude.”

It’s a statement on the state of our society, where we are constantly bombarded by the technology we ironically seek out ourselves, but from which we end up needing respite. Of course, you don’t really need a fancy red, spiked set of headphones to accomplish this. A DIY version of the OneSense would involve simple earbuds, an eye band and a clown costume. People will leave you alone, believe us.

If you want to see the headphones for yourself however, they’ll be on display at MeetMyProject in Milan from April 17th to the 21st, 2012.

[ Joe Doucet ] VIA [ MoCoLoCo ]

Monster Puts Some Color In The Dr. Dre Beats Over-Ear Headphones

By David Ponce

There really isn’t much to say about this product other than there’s now some color on them. They’re the same over-ear Studio Beats that have been on the market for some time now, only more colored and in limited edition.

Like you see on the picture.

Maybe Monster wanted to cash in on Colorware’s business?

We wouldn’t post about this usually, but yours truly owns a pair and wishes he’d had that option way back then. For what it’s worth and in this author’s opinion, the audio line of earphones and headphones is the only Monster product that doesn’t suck.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

Ecko Zip Earbuds Make Those Zipper Cord Headphone Concepts A Reality

Ecko Zip Earbuds (Image courtesy Ecko)
By Andrew Liszewski

The downside is that you’ll be walking around with something that’s clearly Ecko branded, but the company’s new Zip earbuds feature a design that could outweigh that. In the past we’ve brought you concept headphone designs that feature a ‘zip-up’ cord so they don’t get hopelessly tangled when not in use. However, because they were just a concept, you could never actually own a pair.

But Ecko’s new ‘Zip’ earbuds not only feature a zipper cord design, complete with rows of teeth and a zipper pull, but you’ll actually be able to buy them in the near future for just $29.99 in a small sampling of colors. I’m going to assume the low, low price speaks for the quality of the sound you’ll get out of them. But maybe for some of you the convenience of not having to play the Christmas lights game with your headphones when you want to listen to music is a far higher priority.

[ Engadget - Ecko Zip earbuds pump tunes through a functioning zipper, let you drop your fly in public ]