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Logitech’s 1080p Webcam Shows Off Your Flawless Skin

By David Ponce

As much as I enjoy the visual bounty of full HD resolution, I still feel a little disenchanted to discover just how wrinkly, pimply and otherwise unsightly people on television really are. It’s almost as if they’re as real as the rest of us, and that makes me sad. You too can broadcast your imperfections to anyone who will dare look at your mug over Skype’s 1080p capable video calling feature. But you’ll need Logitech’s HD Pro C920 to do it. The C920 also does 720p with other IM clients, like Windows Live Messenger. Resolution of course isn’t everything, and you’ll be pleased to know that the webcam offloads a lot of the video processing from the PC and does it right in the camera, instantly compressing to H.264 and adjusting a bunch of variables to give a smooth, clear image. Carl-Zeiss optics and a 20-step autofocus round out the specs.


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HD Video Camera Ski Goggles

By David Ponce

Winter’s around the corner, which means ski time for lots of people. And while strapping a GoPro camera to your helmet may be one way to capture your snowy prowesses, there are more dedicated solutions. Like these ski goggles that feature an HD camera directly integrated into them. The goggles themselves are dual-pane, anti-fog with UV protection, while the camera has the following features:

• Records 1080p video at up to 30 frames per second

• Records High Action HD 720p video at 60 frames per second

• Has a 136° full field of view wide angle lens

• Goggles can connect to a television using the RCA cable (included)

• Includes 4 GB SD card for photo and video storage

A rechargeable Lithium battery provides up to 2 hours of operation on a 2 hour charge from a USB connection. Of course they’re not cheap. At $400 you better be doing some crazy stunts for this to be justifiable.

Video available at destination link.

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Point Grey To Demonstrate USB 3.0 Webcam At IDF


By David Ponce

Albeit slowly, things are starting to shake up a little bit for SupoerSpeed USB 3.0. The technology we talked about twice before is a vast improvement over USB 2.0 in terms of speed, which increases tenfold to a theoretical 4.8Gbit/s. While there aren’t many consumer electronics around that take advantage of the new specification, Point Grey will be showing off at IDF next week a webcam with a 3MP Sony IMX036 CMOS sensor that will allow it to unload 1080p uncompressed video footage at 60fps. This transfers processing duties to the PC and allows for better facial recognition capabilities, among other presumably good things to come out of the use of this higher bandwidth.

No idea on price or availability on this yet, but like all things new, it’s probably better to not even ask.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Xataka ]

Genius G-Shot HD520 Camcorder Unveiled


By Shane McGlaun

Over the last few years camcorders have changed drastically from devices that recorded to tapes of different types to machines that use internal flash or hard drives to store video. With the move to flash storage and HDDs the cameras were also able to shrink to more portable sizes.

Genius has announced its first camcorder called the G-Shot HD520. The little camcorder weight less than six ounces and records video in 720p resolution. Video is encoded and compressed using MPEG-4/H.264 formats. In addition to recording video the camera can also take still images at 11-megapixels.

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