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Maxtor Teams with Sentry Group for Fire Resistant Hard Drives


By Luke Anderson

Lets say that you’re one of the semi-rare people that actually backs up your computer’s valuable data onto an external drive on a regular basis. That’s great and all, but what happens if your house catches fire? That plastic enclosure won’t stand up to the heat very long. Thankfully Maxtor has teamed up with Sentry Group to bring us a drive that is both fire resistant and waterproof.

These new drives can withstand 1550F degrees for a half hour, and spend up to a full day submerged in water. The peace of mind offered by these drives doesn’t come cheap, but it’s well worth the investment in the long run. An 80GB drive will run you $259.99 and a 160Gb will be $319. A safe is also available that can store your regular external drive (with a USB pass-through) for $520.

[Sentry Group] VIA [EverythingUSB]

External Recycle Bin Thrives on Human Misfortune


By Ryan Nill

This nifty concept is really quite simple: it’s an external hard drive that only stores what you delete. Of course, if you’re deleting something, you probably want to be rid of it, so the point of this thing is a little dubious, but still. The “Tempo” (as it’s called) was designed by Franco Cagnina, and while it makes sure you never permanently delete something it apparently can be used as a regular external drive with 250Gb of space (Is that “bits”? Shouldn’t it be “bytes”?). The colored LEDs covering the Tempo slowly creep upwards as it reaches maximum capacity. Besides looking good, the Tempo also reinforces the ideal of a “recycling” bin; something that you can add to and remove from.

[ Cagnina Design ] VIA [ technabob ]

Toshiba Introduces 200GB 7200 RPM Notebook Hard Drive

Toshiba 200 GB 7200 RPM 2.5" HDD (Image Via Toshiba)by Shane McGlaun

Toshiba announced today that they have moved into the high-performance 2.5” notebook hard drive segment. The new MK-49GSY series of hard drives uses perpendicular magnetic recording technology to squeeze up to 200GB of storage onto the small notebook size hard drives.

Lots of capacity is only one of the ingredients you need for better notebook performance, the other is fast speeds and the new drive delivers there with 7200rpm. Toshiba promises a media transfer rate from the new 200GB 7200rpm drive of 895.9 Mbps and an average seek time of 12 ms.

The interface used for the drive is 3Gbps SATA. Toshiba made the drives strong as well with an operating shock resistance of 300G and a non-operating shock resistance of 900G. There is no word at this time on the pricing or availability of the new 7200rpm drive family which can be had in capacities from 80GB to 200GB.

VIA [ Toshiba (PDF Link) ]