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‘Adventure Time’ Happy Meal Toys Are For the Adventurous

Adventure Time


Toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals don’t really catch my eye–until now. Not that I’m part of their target demographic or anything, because I’m no longer a kid, but I think it’s a win on their end if their offerings manage to catch the attention of twenty-somethings. This time around, it’s their series of toys featuring Finn and Jake from Adventure Time.

Aside from the two main characters, you’ll also find BMO and the Ice King thrown into the mix. These were made available starting January 17th.

VIA [ Incredible Things ]

McDonald’s Happy Meals in Japan are All About Super Mario

McDonalds Mario Happy Meal

Happy Meals are truly happy in Japan.

While McDonald’s stores in the US are all about NFL-themed toys, the ones in Japan right now are particularly super as they feature none other than Super Mario. They’re doing it as a way to celebrate one of Nintendo’s most well-known franchise. In a way, it’s also celebrating Nintendo as a video game company, as they’ve been making games (and making the lives of the people who play them a lot more fun) since 1889.

The toys feature Mario in various costumes and positions, and include figures of the Princess and Yoshi, too. But what about Luigi?

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Blitz Box is Sort Of Like a Happy Meal for Adults

Adult Happy Meal

McDonald’s is trying to lure adults in with the promise of a freebie and a big box of not-so-healthy but oh-so-delicious fast food. It’s called the Blitz Box, and it’s currently being tested out in Kansas City, Missouri. Each box contains 2 Quarter Pounders with Cheese, 20 piece Chicken McNuggets (yes, you read that right, 20!), and 2 medium-sized fries. It’s also being offered with a free Chiefs car flag with every purchase. I guess that’s the adult equivalent of a Happy Meal toy until McDonald’s can find something more suitable to hand out.

It’s calorie-filled and will clog your arteries, but I don’t think that’ll stop people from actually wanting to buying it. What do you think?

VIA [ Incredible Things ]