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The Jammock Hammock Means You Can Nap Anywhere


Did you know you could take a nap on top of your Jeep? Well, if you get the Jammock Hammock, you can. It fits Jeep Wranglers 1987 to present in the YJ, TJ, JK, and JKU models. It also will fit the bed of just about any pickup truck, where it’ll provide a bit of protection to your valuables, on top of giving you a soft area on which to lay down and sleep. It’s made from 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon and will easily withstand more than 350lbs, but the company won’t commit to a higher number for fear of lawsuits. Still, it’s a cool item to own, and at $138, won’t break the bank.

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The CatCrib Is Like A Hammock For Your Kitty

You can spend all kinds of money buying kitty a fancy new bed for him to sleep in, but you know that in the end he’ll fall in love with a random piece of cardboard and call that home. Such are cats. But if you buy him a CatCrib and he ignores it, at least you won’t have it lying around, taking up all kinds of space, like that $100 faux-fur bed you bought just last summer that hasn’t even been used once. The CatCrib is kind of like a hammock that attaches to anything with four legs, efficiently using space that would be wasted otherwise. It looks comfy enough for a feline to appreciate, and at $29 in three different colours, won’t break the bank if he just ignores it.

Hit the jump for a video of a random grey cat properly trained to use the CatCrib, as well as links.

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