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These Shotgun Shells Shoot Flower Seeds, Not Death Pellets


In a somewhat poetic move, these 12 gauge shotgun shells are packed with flower seeds alongside the gunpowder, so that you may give life with every shot, rather than the other way around. Flower Shells, as they’re called, have less powder than usual so as not to fry the delicate seeds; we’re going to hope that enough testing was done to ensure that it actually works. But that’s really about it. The project is on IndieGogo and is fully funded. For $50 you get 4 shells of either Peony, Corn Flower or “Red Field Poppy – FLANDERS – PAPAVER RHOEAS.” Even though it’s only 4 shells, there are lots of seeds in each shell, so you may end up with little patches of flowers where you took your shot.

Sure, it’s a lot of money for what seems like a novelty item, but maybe it’ll help you atone for all the turkeys you shot this season…

[ Product Page ] VIA [ NoPuedoCreer ]

Shot Pellets Made From Seasoning Fill Your Bird Up With Flavor


Flashback to 2006, where news of this first came out, and when it seems we were looking the other way. You see hunting, controversial a practice as you may want, is still going on strong in most parts of the world. And while filling birds up with shot may satisfy our primal instinct to kill other living creatures, it also has the unfortunate side effect of filling them up with inedible steel at the same time. Not if you pack your rifle with Season Shot. The shot pellets are actually tightly packed seasoning, which supposedly don’t disintegrate under the extreme stress of being ejected at high speeds by gaseous propellant. Instead of peppering the bird with metal, you’ll be seasoning it with Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic, Teriyaki, or Honey Mustard flavors.

At least, those are the claims. Sadly, once you dig a little deeper and realize that even 7 years later the website still hasn’t announced a release date or an expected price, you get the sense that maybe this was just someone’s wishful thinking. Or pet project that didn’t pan out. But… with the crowdfunding avenues now available to the everyday inventor, how hard can it be to get something like this off the ground? Is it physically impossible? Any gun geeks out there to enlighten the rest of us?

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Miniature Portal Gun Replica More Affordable Than Its Larger Cousin

People are clearly in love with the game Portal. Why not? It’s a great way to spend a weekend and once you’ve contorted your brain through its mountain of puzzles, you too will likely develop an affection for its various artifacts. Just this summer we told you about Portal Turret replica. And today we’re bringing news of a smaller version of the Portal Gun that came out a while ago. It’s only 1 ft. long and weighs about 1 lb. It’s got orange and blue LEDs and emits a unique sound that corresponds to each color and it works pretty much like the gun in the game, minus the portal creating abilities. Purchase-o-mania (aka Christmas) is coming, so this could make a pretty cool gift, especially considering the “handsome, full-color gift box” it comes in. $60 will tick one box from that list of yours. It’s designed and sold by ThinkGeek, so you know it’ll be great!

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3D Printing Gone Askew: Man Prints Assault Rifle At Home

Being able to print objects at home is all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Or prints a fully functional assault rifle. That’s just what gun enthusiast “HaveBlue” did, using a Stratasys device (though which model printer exactly isn’t specified). Now to be fair, he didn’t print the entire rifle. First he made a .22 caliber pistol and successfully managed to shoot over 200 rounds with that. He then tried to turn it into a rifle by connecting the receiver to a .223 upper receiver but “had feed and extraction issues.” This is not much consolation however since the receiver is really what counts a the “gun” and the rifle’s failure might have been due to a faulty .223 upper receiver than to a defect with his printed part.

Now we’re not familiar with gun laws, so we’re wondering just how legal this is. Can you print your own guns at home? Or is there no legislation to address this since, well, no one figured it could be done?

VIA [ UberGizmo ]

BugASalt Is A Shotgun That Kills Flies With A Pinch Of Salt

By David Ponce

The BugASalt is a plastic shotgun of sorts that expels a pinch of salt a high speed with the aim of killing flies (or other undesirable insects, we suppose). It works. It’s freaking brilliant! The fly is pierced multiple times with tiny sodium chloride pellets, killed instantly. There’s no splatter, no mess like with flyswatters. Only the thrill of the hunt. With an effective range of 3ft. you can stay far away enough that the unsuspecting insects will just wait around blissfully unaware of their impending destruction. If we owned a BugASalt we’d probably leave some food lying around to attract flies and give ourselves something to shoot… and end up emptying our salt reserves all over the floor within the hour, making a mess after all.

It’s $30 on pre-order at IndieGogo. People are understandably excited and the campaign has reached $67,000+ on a $15k goal. Not sure when the shipping date is, though. Still, you should hit the jump for a great video of it in action and for the links.

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This Rifle Fits Inside Its Own Stock, Is Waterproof

By David Ponce

You never know when you’re going to be on a burning plane, careening down towards an alligator infested lake. It’s just one of those things. Provided you survive the crash and are given enough time to get your bearings however, having the above Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 rifle in your backpack could help you wade your way through the gators and to some kind of safety. At just (just 3.5 lbs) and 16 ½” long when stowed, you’ll barely even know it’s there. Several layers of Teflon coating help with the waterproofing, even in harsh saltwater environments. It uses .22 LR ammunition, which is lightweight and fairly easy to carry in large numbers. It’s available in camo or black finishes and surprisingly doesn’t cost very much: $339 in camo and $275 in black.

[ Product Page ]

Man Build Gun That Shoots Lightning Rays

By David Ponce

Nikola Tesla was a genius. Any geek worth his salt knows this. He was also certifiably insane, which is probably why he was denied credit for much of his inventions. But most of you have probably heard of the Tesla Coil, that device TV shows are very fond of for its ability to produce some fantastic electric discharges. Well, a man by the name of Rob Flickenger has put the device to good use and made a gun out of it. That’s right, Rob’s device is a gun that shoots lighting rays; he calls it The Tesla Gun. There’s no thunder of course, because it’s not actual lightning, but man, that thing shoots some mean electric arcs and can be pointed at stuff. When it doesn’t find ground, it just kind of shoots stuff all over. The gun housing is made from melted down aluminum cans, which was poured into a mold made from a Nerf gun.

The final working Tesla Gun is a portable spark gap Tesla coil that is powered by an 18V drill battery. The electrical system is composed of the aforementioned drill battery along with a flyback transformer that steps the 18V to around 20,000V. A bank of capacitors stores the charge that is then used to strobe the coil itself. The primary and secondary coils are made of ABS plastic wrapped with copper wire, and are used to direct the charge outward through an aluminum toroid (the “barrel” of the gun).

We gotta say, Rob channels the mad scientist look quite well. And he’s done a good job of detailing a step by step of how he made this. So head on over to the links below and watch science in the making.

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Some Guy In Spain Makes A Triple-Barreled Handgun

By David Ponce

This interconnected series of tubes we call the Internet sure has a way to provide us eager internauts with a never ending supply of WTFs. Sometimes there’s a fair amount of detail and information surrounding the WTF, but very often there isn’t. Such is the case with the above, a triple-barreled handgun that allegedly shoots 6.35mm rounds, and was made by someone in Spain. Yes, it’s allegedly a one-off creation so you can’t buy it, nor are we certain you’d want to. Judging by the finish on some of those parts, it looks like someone had some spare time in shop class and decided to see if he could do something special. We can’t be sure if it fires three shots at once, but we’re assuming it does. And at a 6.35mm caliber, it better fire three if it has any hope of seriously stopping whatever is down its sights.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

DoubleTap .45 Caliber Pistol Is World’s Smallest

By David Ponce

Usually when you think of a .45 caliber pistol, you think of something meaty and large, like a Glock or the classic Colt .45. But Heizer Defense’s DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol does away with big, opting instead for an almost cute 5/8 of an inch wide, 12 ounce double action gun. Double action meaning that one pull of the 10lbs trigger will eject both rounds simultaneously. Unfortunately, there’s no traditional magazine, so you’re stuck having to reload manually, although the butt contains two more rounds that are held together by a speed strip “so you can do a tactical reload.” It’s still only 4 rounds on the gun itself which may be a deal breaker for some. But considering the kind of firepower you’re looking at, and especially given that it’s two bullets being fired at once… you should be just fine, as long as you can hit a target. The DoubleTap also features interchangeable barrels so that you can use 9mm rounds as well.

The aluminum version is $500 and for $750, you can get a titanium DoubleTap.

Hit the jump for another picture and a demo video (no shooting, unfortunately).

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