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Lego Electronic Gun That Emulates Star Wars Han Solo’s Gun

Electronic Lego gun

If you are obsessed with Star Wars, then you are most definitely going to like any DIY project that aims at replicating one of the many unique props used in this epic super-galactic saga. Baran von Brunk, who is an avid DIYer, has built an Electronic Lego gun, emulating Han Solo’s weapon and named it ‘The Electronic LEGO DL-44 Blaster (Light & Sound)’. Made completely from Lego bricks, this electronic gun has an Arduino board to control all the fancy electronic and sound effects that set forth once you pull the trigger.

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Time to Bust Some Ghosts: Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand

Ghostbusters Neutrino


When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, the only people you should call are the Ghostbusters! They were a huge hit in the eighties and the original team are still very much revered by kids and the young-at-heart who grew up following the franchise over the years. The third movie is still in limbo, although we’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed that they work something out.

But why not nab ghouls and catch ghosts Ghostbuster-style with this Neutrino Wand while you wait? It’s inspired by the one Ray, Winston, Egon, and Dr. Peter Venkman used to capture Slimer, Gozer, and a host of other ghosts in the movies. It’s made with great attention to detail, from the blasting button and proton stream switch to the adjuster knob and the sound effects that emanate from the wand upon firing.

The Neutrino Wand prop replica is available for $280.

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I Shot the Mailman: Check Out This Giant .44 Magnum Mailbox

Gun Mailbox

Roger Buchko wants mailmen and delivery guys to pull the trigger every time they stuff his mail into the barrel of his giant .44 Magnum revolver mailbox. The massive letterbox–all 350 pounds of it–is set up prominently on his front lawn. Its barrel is made from PVC pipe and the entire thing is held into place by its even heavier 1,200-pound base.

Roger, who is a semi-retired cabinet maker, is a gun rights supporter, but he didn’t build the mailbox to make some sort of political statement. Rather, he decided to make it after seeing similar designs posted online. Or so, he says.Continue Reading

Zippo Lighter Conceals A 6mm Miniature Gun

Zippo Lighter Miniature Gun (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Until now I thought this gun-concealing pocket watch was the most clever incognito firearm I had ever seen. But while I’m sure no one would have batted an eye at it 70 years ago, walking around with a pocket watch these days is sure to rouse suspicions. So as an alternative, if your business card reads 007 and you have the need for a truly concealed firearm, why not hunt down this rare Zippo gun?

Its copper-cased 6mm cartridges are fired out of a barrel where you’d normally find a Zippo’s wick, and of course instead of a trigger you have to roll the flint striking wheel in order to fire it. Seems pretty safe right? This model, which I’m sure is particularly rare and not officially sanctioned by Zippo, even comes with a Ronson flint dispenser designed to hold the extra cartridges. According to this website it sold at auction back in 2006 for $6,810, though to whom I’ve no idea. But if you do manage to find them, be careful, they’re probably packing a concealed weapon.

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Put An FPS-Style Bullet Counter On Your Gun

By Chris Scott Barr

Did I fire 29 bullets or 30? When you’re in the middle of a shoot-out, that can be an important thing to know. Granted, the only time most of us really care about that sort of thing is when we’re playing an FPS. However, if you’re a gun aficionado, then you might find this little device to be of interest. It clips onto your firearm of choice and counts the number of shots fired.

The custom gadget uses a rather simple way of counting shots. Rather than keeping track of the bullets themselves, it uses an accelerometer to measure the gun’s recoil. Since different guns are going to have a different amount of recoil, this can be adjusted. Also adjustable is the counter itself, since you may have larger or smaller magazines. The device was originally made as a one-off project, but the creator is now working to put it into production, so you may be able to purchase one of these in the future.

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Armatix Gun: Watch That Trigger


By Gaurav Kheterpal

When you have a gun in your hand, people often advice you – ‘Watch that Trigger’. Armatix decided to take that advice literally and came up with a watch that controls your gun. Wearing a stylish wrist watch is trendy (except this watch is fugly) and owning a gun has its own aura – so if the two can be combined, it offers you the best of both worlds.

The gun won’t work and a red LED will light up if the watch isn’t in close proximity of the gun. The way this unusual combination works is through the watch sending a wireless arming signal to the gun. If the gun picks up the signal, it gets armed and a green LED lights up. Priced at nearly 7,000 Euros, this is quite an expensive affair.

I’m wondering what happens if your watch battery dies out and you need the gun?

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Bed Bunker Is Perfect For Post-Apocalyptic Planning


By Chris Scott Barr

Remember that little chat we had yesterday about robots and zombies taking over the world? Well I’m still convinced that it will happen one day (sooner, rather than later) and take my preparations for the uprising very seriously. One thing that is an absolute must-have in every household is a large safe for storing gratuitous amounts of armaments. Sure, you could go with one of those little stand-up lockers, but those can only hold so much, and are a little to obvious. You need to go with something a little bigger, while still well-hidden. You need the Bed Bunker.

This big-ass safe is perfect for holding guns, ammo, explosives and even a sword or two (those never run out of ammo). It’s fireproof, which means that if there are any documents that you think might still have value after the robot/zombie uprising has settled, you can keep them safe as well. All you need to do is pick the bed safe that fits your size needs and shell out between $2700 and $5200. Oh, and you’ll need to stock up on things to fill it with.

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Shoot Your Alarm Clock Everyday With Gun O’Clock

By Jonathan Kimak

It’s really no big surprise that this “unique” alarm clock comes from Japan. The alarm, known as Gun O’clock, lets people shoot their clock with a special gun when the alarm goes off. There are two modes, time mode and attack mode.

In time mode the alarm goes off like a regular alarm with the extremely annoying beeping but also raises up a shooting range target. Then the alarm starts mocking you with a voice message saying “Come on!” The beeping and taunting will continue until you take the infared gun and shoot the target. Then I suppose you can go back to sleep again.

In attack mode you must shoot the target in a certain amount of time and must try to hit the bulls-eye. If you succeed you will get some praise from the clock (It says “Excellent”). The price for the clock is $34 but for now it is only available in Japan for kids over 15.

It does look neat but I wonder if it’s good to have millions of people waking up with the instinct to shoot stuff.

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