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Deal Of The Day: 40% Off On Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar


Any budding guitarist (or anyone learning a new skill) will tell you that practice makes perfect, but that can be hard to do sometimes, especially when it involves lugging around a large instrument. The Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar makes it possible to keep those fingers strumming, fingerpicking, bending, and sliding without having to carry a full instrument with you.

Apply vibrato, bend a string, fingerpick—Jamstik feels and performs like a normal guitar, but also conveniently connects with all the Apple music apps and software you could ever need. Jamstik is perfect for all-level guitarists, and is ultra-portable to seamlessly fit your lifestyle.

“The Jamstik is cool-as-hell… Turn your iPad into a real instrument,” John Brownlee,

– Easy to set up
– No tuning required
– Extremely portable
– Includes quality teaching software
– Contains full MIDI controller functionality
– Allows you to see your hands in action w/ infrared light technology
– Includes D-pad control for changing octaves or swapping sounds
– Play without disturbing others, ultra quiet with headphones

It’s a really cool instrument/learning aid, and one that would fully justify its regular $250 asking price. At $149.99 however, it’s a steal. And of course, as usual, it’s shipped for free.


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No More Sore Fingers: Finger Friendly Guitar Company Keyboard

Finger Friendly Guitar Company Keyboard

It takes a lot of time and practice to master playing the guitar. It also requires steely determination and a high tolerance for pain because pressing on those strings for hours on end will eventually take a toll on your fingers. Cue the Finger Friendly Guitar Company Keyboard that aims to make guitar playing less painful and easier at the same time.

As the name implies, it’s a cover of sorts for the frets on the neck of your guitar. Once it’s on, it replaces strings with color-coded buttons that shields your fingers from the pain while helping you learn how to play. Pretty neat, eh?

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For Otherworldly Riffs: C-3PO Electric Guitar

C3PO Guitar


C-3PO is many things, and now he’s an electric guitar, too. Etsy user Marc Potter is in the business of creating unique guitars and other instruments like banjos using the most unusual of materials. He had a C-3PO collector’s case lying around, so naturally, he took it and turned it into a guitar!

Rainy Day Instruments presents …#063 C3PO electric Star Wars Guitar, Nice used Behringer maple neck securely attached to a Classic C3PO collectors case. Action figure case still can open and TALKS!

Our hearts bleed for the destruction of the classic toy that’s in otherwise fine condition, but isn’t the guitar just a beaute? You can check out Marc’s Etsy page for more of his creations, including a banjo crafted from a bed pan!

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Pykmax Reinvents The Guitar Pick


Anyone who’s ever played guitar knows that holding a pick, as easy as it seems, is actually somewhat challenging. Granted it becomes easier as you become more skilled and there’s nothing inherently wrong with the current design, but that doesn’t mean picks can’t be made better. Pykmax hopes to do just that by adding a carefully crafted ergonomic grip that comfortably sits in your hand and lets you keep playing for hours without experiencing any of the tiredness that often comes from prolonged use. Tested by several guitarists of various levels, Pykmax appears to improve on an old design, and does so at minimal cost: $12. It comes in two sizes, and various plectrum gauges can be selected, just like regular picks.

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This Acoustic Guitar Attachment Could Revolutionize The Way The Instrument Is Played


The VO-96 Acoustic Synthesizer is an invention of Paul Vo, better known for the infinite sustain technology inside the Moog Guitar. This particular attachment however is meant to be used in acoustic guitars, and although it’s being called a “synthesizer”, it’s really nothing like one.

You’ve probably heard an electric guitar make all sorts of crazy sounds thanks to either digital or analog processing. The Vo-96 works entirely differently[.] Rather than modify the waveform after the fact—as in the case of an electric guitar and an effects pedal—the Vo-96 alters the waveform in real-time. In other words, the Vo-96 changes the very physics of how a guitar makes sound to begin with. How do you do that? The device has what Vo calls a “two-way conversation” with the guitar strings. It listens to the strings and then applies a precisely calculated magnetic energy back to the strings to change how they sound.

That’s right, the synthesizer itself doesn’t synthesize anything; it makes the guitar strings themselves behave differently. Which means that the kinds of sounds it’s able to produce are unlike anything a guitar is capable of in the first place, and the possibilities for creative musicians out there are proverbially endless.

The product isn’t completely ready for primetime, however Vo is putting it up on Kickstarter with the hopes of getting it in the hands of early adopters, who could help refine what is possible with the product. Depending on when you sign up, it’ll cost you a hefty $1,250 or $1,450.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

The iTar Is Unfortunately Named

By David Ponce

The iTar is not a real product yet, it’s a conceptual accessory for the iPad that will make it easier to turn it into a guitar. Which is where we imagine the iTar name came from: “i” and “guiTAR”. Still, at first glance, iTar looks like something nefarious, something oily and perhaps cigarette related. Or perhaps that’s all in this author’s mind and in reality it couldn’t be anything further from that. We actually do like what it will do if its Kickstarter campaign takes off. It combines a button-based guitar fretboard (Starr Labs patented fingerboard) with your iPad to create a multi-talented instrument. Dock the iPad in and you’ll be able to play, quasi-virtually, a number of instruments, not just the guitar. It can be a keyboard, a drum set, a synthesizer; everything hinges on the related application and its bevvy of instruments that are at your fingertips.

Of course, the iTar will only exist if the Kickstarter campaign gains steam. As of writing, they’ve raised $4k of their $50k goal, but there are a little over 50 days left. If this is your sort of thing, the smallest contribution that will net you an iTar is $200, although you can pitch in at any level.

[ Kickstarter Campaign For iTar ] VIA [ DVice ]

OhGizmo! Review – Peavey AmpKit LiNK

By Chris Scott Barr

My life is generally pretty hectic between class, work and all the things in between and I sometimes like to take the stress volume down a notch or two with my trusty Les Paul Custom. The problem is it’s generally 3am or later by the time I have a chance to sit down and do such a thing, so cranking up a Marshall full-stack to 11 is not an option. That’s why when Peavey’s AmpKit LiNK, a portable electric guitar interface for the iPhone, came across our desks a few weeks ago I was immediately interested (and by interested I mean I went running around the office with a replica Highlander sword shouting “There can be only one… reviewer.”).

The AmpKit experience begins with the free AmpKit app (or it’s feature packed paid version AmpKit+) from the iTunes App Store. The application itself is very sleek, the primary interface is a virtual view of the amp head/cabinet, microphone and effects that you currently have set, giving you a good overview of all your settings. The interface also provides a number of preset configurations, a metronome and tuner, and an interface for recording clips and transferring them wirelessly to your PC or Mac.

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