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This Is What Lives On An 8 Year Old’s Hand, After Playing Outside


Well then. That’s a lovely cornucopia of germs. See, you’re looking at a Petri Dish full of bacterial cultures found on the hand of an 8 year old kid after he played outside. It’s gross and beautiful at the same time. And it’s a great reminder never to have children. Or at the very least, if you do, to teach them good hand washing manners. But we’ll be honest, our hands are probably not much cleaner, and that’s without even having to play outside; have you ever seen what grows on an old keyboard? So we’ll just stop here, that’s enough germophobia inducing material for the week.

VIA [ Ziya Tong ]

So This is Baby Mice Wine

Mice Wine

Where I’m from, the older generation advises the younger ones who have asthma to drink the soup (if you can call it that) that’s obtained from boiling dried flying lizards in water. Apparently, it can get rid of the wheezing for good. I’m asthmatic, but I’d rather go for my inhaler than a bowl of flying lizard soup any time of day.

Homemade cures and tonics often make use of unusual and sometimes disgusting ingredients. Take the case of this cure-all that many speculate to be of Chinese origin. It’s wine with actual dead baby mice in it. It’s said to be a cure for a variety of diseases, including liver disease and asthma. Preparation sounds relatively simple: drown a dozen or so baby mice (maximum age is three days old) into a bottle of rice wine, and leave it for 12 to 14 months. As for its taste, people who’ve tried it report that it tastes like gasoline.

Baby mice rice wine: Drink at your own risk.

VIA [ Food Beast ]

Would You Wear Man Hair? Check Out These ‘Fur’ Coats Made From Men’s Chest Hair

Chest Fur

This fur coat is definitely unusual. In fact, some might find it downright disgusting, as it’s definitely not what it might appear to be. What you think is the fur is actually hair–hair from the chests of living, breathing men. If you’re wondering why someone would create an abomination a coat like this, then wonder no more: it’s part of an ad campaign by dairy company Arla.

They commissioned for the creation of the fur coat, which took designers over 200 hours to weave and put together millions of strands of hair, to promote the launch of Wing-co, which is their new milk drink that’s made for men.

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Not For the Sqeamish: This $470,000 Ring is Covered With Actual Human Skin

Skin Ring

There’s a fine line between an ingenious design and an oddly disgusting one. I think Sruli Recht‘s ‘Forget Me Knot’ ring leans toward the latter, but you be the judge. It’s a truly unique ring in the sense that it has a small strip of Recht’s actual skin mounted on the exterior. I kid you not; the designer actually had a 4 inch by 0.4 inch piece of skin sliced off from his abdomen to cover the 24-karat gold band.

After Recht’s skin was removed, it was tanned and then mounted to the ring, with all his tummy hairs intact. To reassure potential buyers that they’re truly getting a piece of Recht with the ring, it will be sold with a DNA certificate and come bundled with a DVD documenting the entire process.

The price? $470,000. You can hit the break for a graphic video showing the ring’s creation, although I would advise against it if you’re the squeamish type.

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Hair of the Silence Earplugs Manages to Make Silence Gross


Finding hair in places where there shouldn’t be any is pretty funny, and it’s actually used as the subject for a lot of humorous skits and comics. I don’t exactly know why it’s funny or amusing either. I mean, it’s not taboo to have hair in places where others don’t have any, right? Like your ears, for instance?

These hilarious ‘Hair of the Silence’ earplugs were made by Solveiga and Alfredas Kriviciai. I think these were part of an art series they did, so you probably won’t find these on sale anywhere in the world. However, I don’t think they’re that hard to make either, so if you feel like grossing anyone out, then feel free to glue some fuzz on regular earplugs and you’ll be good to go.

VIA [ LikeCool ]