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Deal Of The Day: 36% Off on ShaveTech USB Travel Razor

ShaveTech USB Travel Razor


Nicks are as unattractive as they can get. A hairy stubble won’t make you any more presentable, either. These are two situations you won’t find yourself in if you’ve got the ShaveTech USB travel razor packed away in your weekender. It’s small and compact, plus it gets the job done. Unlike regular electric razors that run on batteries, the ShaveTech can be recharged via USB so you don’t have to head out and buy batteries if your razor dies on you.

It’s a sight for sore eyes and makes the perfect addition to your travel kit. The ShaveTech is currently on sale for $18.99.

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The Selfie Brush Is The Pinnacle Of All That’s Wrong With Humanity


Well, that’s a bit of a hyperbole right there we suppose, especially in light of a rampant ISIS and growing tensions in Eastern Europe… But to find out about the existence of a hairbrush/iPhone case hybrid does sort of highlight where our priorities seem to lie, here in the first world. You can apparently now safely ignore what’s going on in our planet while de-tousling your hair using a brush that also holds your iPhone. Yes, the Selfie Brush even has an integrated mirror, so you can do some final touchups before you go ahead and snap that pic, because well, the front-facing cam on the phone apparently isn’t good enough. Right?

Whether or not this $20 accessory sells is not even the point, now. Someone, somewhere thought it was a good idea to invest some time and money making this, and that alone speaks volumes.

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Hyperglide Razors With Self-Lubricating Cartridges: Smoothest Shave Ever?

HyperGlide Razors1

Razor burns and nicks are not only painful, but they also mess up your face for a short period of time, too. Of course, shaving cream helps some, but if you can’t be bothered to put it on before every shave, then these Hyperglide Razors are a worthy alternative. Made by King of Shaves, these multi-tasting razors come with self-lubricating cartridges that release its own shaving gel of sorts when it comes into contact with water.

That means you’ll be able to get a closer, smoother shave with just the razor and nothing more. The Hyperglide Razors are available online for £9.99 (about $17).

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Philips Launches Laser Guided Beard Trimmer


Movember is in full swing, so what better time for Philips to announce a new beard trimmer? And not just any trimmer, mind you, but a laser guided one! That’s right, ladies and gents (mostly gents), you can now groom your face with the precision only a laser can afford. And to convince you it’s the real deal, this one’s called the BEARDTRIMMER Series 9000. Boy oh boy, that’s a lot of… thousands.

Aside from the aforementioned laser, you get adjustable stubble length in 0.2mm increments, as well as water resistance for easy cleaning.

9000, folks. This is serious stuff. And it’s $99.

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There’s A Portable Ironing Gadget For Last Second Crease-Making


You’re about to go in for that interview and notice the crease on your pants isn’t razor sharp? Or that snazzy tie of yours could be just a bit flatter? How about the lapel on your suit? God is in the details, and to make sure you put your best wrinkle-free foot forward, the Palm-sized Portable Ironing Gadget was created. It’s battery-powered and USB-charged, and comes with a clip attachment that pinches the pant crease for easier ironing. Anything on your person that folds and can use a little sharpening, this thing can take care of it. It measures 100mmx60mmx18mm (3.9in. X 2.3in. X 0.71in.) and weighs just 60 grams (2.1oz.).

It’s $10.


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ManScaping 101: The Selective Hair Trimmer

This is a quandary that the more appearance-conscious men among us often face: to keep all body hair on and look like a small gorilla, or shave it all off and look like a pre-pubescent child? This is as polar a topic as the front/rear pocket wallet decision. Or the facial hair decision. Everyone’s got an opinion and few people agree. The Mudage Jolie Body Hair Remover hopes to split the difference and strike a compromise: simply pass it over the hairier parts of your body and it will only remove some hairs, not all. This way, you can have you cake and eat it too. You can keep enough hair to maintain a semblance of masculinity, but remove the excess that makes you look like you stepped out of the Planet of the Apes set.

Unfortunately, this is a Japanese product and is being imported through the always-overpriced JapanTrendShop. So it’ll cost ya $33.

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