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Deal Of The Day: 51% Off On Grip-Go Mount


Are you one of those people who just toss their phone in the little compartment above the shift lever, and retrieve it every time you need it? You do realize that aside from being dangerous, it’s also pretty inconvenient? There are inexpensive solutions out there, and the Grip-Go is one of the better ones. Here’s why: it’s coated with a special polymer that grips onto your phone without the use of sticky materials. Just place your device on it, and it’s stuck; you can then peel it off with no residue left behind. The mount itself is attached to your windshield through a suction cup, and the head pivots 360 degrees so you can position it exactly where you want it. GPS guidance from your phone? Yes, please.

It’s normally $29, but through our store you can have it for $13.99, a 51% savings.

[ 51% Off On Grip-Go Mount ]