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I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas: ecoChici Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap


Every year, hundreds of millions of presents are packaged in giftwrap or presented in exquisite gift bags to the recipients. And each year, the world’s landfills just keep getting fuller and fuller.

While the ecoChici Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap is, by far, not the solution of all solutions to get rid of all this seasonal waste, it presents a fun and quirky alternative. ecoChici was thought up by graphic designer Amy Lewis, and she was able to come up with the reusable fabric gift wrap kits with the help of her husband.

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Electric Bikes Don’t Have To Scream That You’re A Green Loving Hippie

Maybe you secretly love the planet. With a bit of introspection, you could discover that you’re a closet tree hugger. That’s cool, we don’t judge. But if the fear of coming out has prevented you from getting in on the electric bike bandwagon, with their proudly bland aesthetics that purposely scream “Look at my eco-conscious getup!”, then perhaps the Marrs M-1 could change all that. It’s an electric bike that combines the lines and handlebars of a 1920’s Harley Davidson, with the geometry and general allure of a cruiser. We dig it, big time. It offers a 20 mile range with speeds that are electronically limited to 20mph, by law. “The bike [also] features a 48V lithium battery, brushless DC rear hub motor, hydraulic disc brake, air cooled battery box, 3-piece crank case, as well as motorcycle quality wheels, tires, hubs, controls, seat, and grips.”

Sadly, like anything pretty, so is the price tag: $7,500. They should be available later this year.

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The Mosser To Brighten Your Workspace

By David Ponce

Being the desk dwelling creatures most of us are, it’s refreshing to see a little bit of greenery from time to time. Plants are ubiquitous office decorations, but we kind of like the look of The Mosser. It’s essentially a little clump of moss in its own glass terrarium. It’s really easy to take care of, requiring not much more than the occasional spritz of water from the included mister bottle.

The company (a couple people in a NY apartment, basically) recently got an influx of orders, so there’s a 3 week lead time to get your own. And since this is moss, no two pieces are ever really alike, although the seller will make every effort “only provide the most aesthetically pleasing varieties similar to what is shown here.”

It’s $26.

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Green Glass Company Turns Beer Bottles Into Drinking Glasses


By Chris Scott Barr

These days people are all about being “green” and such. One good way to do your part for the environment is by recycling. For most people that consists of separating out glass bottles and aluminum cans from their trash. Well one company is taking those old bottles and turning them into something useful.

Green Glass Company specializes in something rather cool, turning old beer bottles into drinking glasses. They don’t have the largest selection of brands to choose from, but if you like Rolling Rock, Corona or a few others, then they’ll be happy to hook you up with some cool glassware. You can pick up a set of four for $32.50.

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[CES 2009] iGo Green Technology Surge Protector Saves You “Vampire Power”


By David Ponce

iGo is known for their line of multi-device chargers. They use an array of interchangeable tips to allow you to charge pretty much anything under the sun. But they do other things as well, and one product that caught my eye is the iGo Green Technology Surge Protector. It’s basically a glorified powerbar with a halfway decent design that won’t look terrible next to your entertainment center. But more importantly, what it does is stop your devices from sucking power when they’re on standby. It features 8 sockets: 4 regular ones, and 4 with the iGo Green Tech. So, lets say you plug your plasma into one of the 4 green ones, when you turn it off, it wont keep on drawing power. In the long run, this can save you a bunch of money, and well, like pretty much everything at CES this year, is Green.

It’s going to cost $69 and be available this summer.

[ iGo’s Website ]