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Google To Drop Everything To Address The Cheeseburger Emoji Situation

Now, I know everyone is thinking ‘what’s the big deal, Google has to deal with their cheeseburger emoji’? But if you look closely you can see that this cheeseburger has the cheese below the burger patty. That’s right, the world is coming to an end as we know it.

Thankfully, after having this problem pointed out by author and cheeseburger aficionado, Thomas Baekdal on Twitter, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai stepped in to announce that the company would drop everything to address the issue. I can’t believe they let it get this bad in the first place, I mean, even Apple got it right (though they did put the lettuce on the bottom and that’s also something I’m willing to bite someone over).

Hopefully this nightmare will be over soon, and we’ll have a normal bun->lettuce->tomato->cheese->patty->bun arrangement. Heck, I’ll even take bun->tomato- lettuce->cheese->patty->bun. Anything’s better than bun->tomato->lettuce->patty->cheese->bun. Please, anything but that.

Receive Gmail’s Powerful Features On Other Email Accounts


The following article is brought to you by The Tech Info Group. -Ed

Non-Gmail accounts are getting an upgrade with the “Gmailify”application. Get the full features of Google email without the need of a Gmail account. Now, you have the option of keeping your old email address from another provider and receive the complete features of a Gmail account. When somebody enables Gmailify, they’re getting the benefits of a Gmail account without moving to the @gmail domain.

The Benefits of Gmailify:

  • Users get spam protection. The Gmail service identifies spam from patterns and user preferences. Spam gets sent to a separate folder and, at the top of the email, will be a label that explains why the message got sent to spam. Google filters the spam from your email.
  • Emails will be automatically sorted into tabs such as “social” and “update.” This is a default organizational tool that lets users get to the important stuff quickly and enjoy the fun stuff without pause.

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Google’s Next VR Device

Google Cardboard

The following article is brought to you by The Tech Info Group. -Ed

Google launched its Cardboard virtual reality headset designed as a cost-effective introduction to virtual reality. At less than $30, users with a smartphone could experience VR without spending a small fortune. More powerful devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will cost over $500 upon release after all. Cardboard is a simple contraption made from cardboard, lenses, and a rubber band.

Features and Specs
Perhaps the best feature of Google Cardboard is its absolute simplicity. Aside from two lenses and rubber bands, Cardboard is made from cardboard cutouts. Pre-built kits can be purchased online from various retailers. DIY-oriented individuals can craft a Cardboard unit from a random box, though. From there, a smartphone is positioned in the device, and users can experience virtual reality on a budget. Nothing is more simple than Cardboard.
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Google Glass 2.0 Will Not Be Cheap

Google Glass

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Google glass is an optical head-mounted display or basically a headset resembling ordinary eyeglasses with the lens switched with a head-up display. The device displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free layout with wearers communicating with the internet through usual language voice commands.


The original version of Google Glass 2.0, termed as Google Explorer used a liquid crystal on silicon, field sequential color system and a LED illuminated display. This LED system is P-polarized and then shines via the in-coupling polarizing beam splitter to the liquid crystal on silicon panel. It is integrated with a camera having an ability to take photos and record 720p high definition video. A touch pad is also integrated on the side of the device, allowing users to control it by swiping via a timeline-like interface displayed on the screen.

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Chromecast Audio: A Must Have Wireless Music Streaming Device


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The Google Chromecast is an audio-focused device that plugs into your speakers and streams music via Wi-Fi. If you have an interest in streaming wireless audio on your smart phone, tablet, or to any of the speakers at home, and are on a tight budget, seriously consider purchasing the Chromecast audio device.

This cute little device looks like a cross between a microscopic vinyl record and a lens cap. One side of the device has a smooth surface and the other has molded grooves. The device has a micro USB port (for power) and the 3.5 mm input jack enables it to connect to virtually any audio system. The Google Chromecast supports both optical and RCA inputs as well. Google thoughtfully included a five inch auxiliary cord and power adapter in the box with the Chromecast.

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Google’s Newest Creation: Google OnHub


The following article is brought to you by The Tech Info Group. -Ed.

Introducing the Google OnHub


One of the most apparent features of the OnHub is its cylindrical design. This is not a typical blocky router, it goes for a sleek matte blue or black cylinder with just a blue status light ring on the top. Google manages to go for the aesthetics without taking away too much functionality from the router.


Remember the days when it was necessary to call IT support to setup your router? To set up Google OnHub, basic phone or tablet knowledge is sufficient. The router pairs up with iOS and Android phones or tablets and starts the configuration process. Just plug the OnHub into your modem, download the OnHub app from your respective app store, follow the setup process, and done. If you know how to download an app on your phone, you are more than capable of setting up the OnHub.

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You Can Play Pac-Mac In Google Maps


April’s Fool is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for Google’s yearly tradition of making fun little pranks, and adding “features” to some of its services. This year, at least one of these features is the ability to run a fully-functioning game of Pac-Man right in your Maps window, even in your own neighbourhood. Simply go to, hone in on your neighbourhood or anywhere else you’d like to play, and press the Pac-Man button right next to where the Street View button is. The game might look familiar if you’re in a city like Manhattan, or a little wonky if you’re in one of those spaghetti-style-streets areas, but either way it works just like the real game, with ghosts and powerups!


[ Google Maps ] VIA [ Kotaku ]

Google Is A Little Prudish, Not That We Didn’t Already Know It


Tee hee… Just try searching for this. It’s funny.

Not that it’s anything new, that Google won’t autocomplete your searches for a long laundry list of words it deems offensive or obscene. The iPhone seems to have the same ducking feature, and it’s sort of patronizing… and so is censorship in general. But we’re not trying to make some kind of point here, we’re just laughing at the comic. We’re really just overgrown kids here, at OhGizmo! HQ.

VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]

Deal Of The Day: The Double Nexus Giveaway


So you like Google’s Nexus? Love the products? IN love with them? How about you enter a giveaway where you can win not one, but two of them. That’s right, just by entering this Double Nexus giveaway, you run the chance of winning a Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 9 tablet. Yup, one winner, two devices. That’s a $1,048 value.

So what are you waiting for?

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