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Roomba-Like Ball Picker Robot Tidies Your Golf Range


Running a driving range? You have a lot of work to do, like picking up those hundreds of balls. Normally, ranges hire a kid to drive around picking them up in a fortified cart, while golfers do their best to hit the moving target. This tradition might come to an end if the Ball Picker Robot from TrueBots takes off. It autonomously goes around picking balls up, and can haul up to 10,000 in a day, 300 of them at a time. It is able to handle ranges up to 2 to 2.8 ha in area. The company doesn’t sell the bots, but rather opts to rent them out, along with another bot, BigMow, which also autonomously mows the lawn.


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Deal Of The Day: 26% Off On SwingTIP Golf Swing Lesson And Device


Did you guys know Father’s Day is just around the corner? Yeah, so you know how dads like to play golf (please humour us on this stereotype, ok?), but they’re always complaining that they suck and wish they could afford lessons. Well, technology is here to help. You’re looking at a deal on two things. First, it’s the SwingTIP device, which attaches to your driver and measures your swing’s speed, tempo, and path, as well as the club face angle and the impact zone on that same face. There’s a lot of factors that go into getting that perfect swing, and this device will help your dad analyze all of them. But that’s not all. You also get a voucher for a 15 minute remote lesson with a coach, who will see your dad do his thing live by using the MobiCoach application, a smartphone or tablet, and the SwingTIP device, and offer his professional advice and coaching.

It’s a lot of stuff for $99, which would normally cost $134. And it could make for one sweet Father’s Day present.

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X9 Follow Electric Caddy Replaces Real Person, Frees Your Hands And Shoulders


Golfing alone can be fun and relaxing, but there’s always that heavy bag of clubs to carry around with you from hole to hole. And while caddies are great, maybe you want to remain truly solo. That’s where the X9 Follow comes in. It’s a portable electric device that carries your bag for you, and follows you around wherever you go. You just take it out from your car trunk, connect the battery, pair the remote, attach your bag and go. As long as you have the remote on your body, it’ll follow you around a few paces behind. When you reach your hole, place the remote on the X9 and it’ll stay put. It’s able to go uphill and downhill with no problem, and will even let you remote control it manually.

The X9 is not a new product; robotic caddies have been around for some time. But there are a host of new features that make this one stand out from its predecessors. But as you can imagine, this sort of convenience comes at a price: $3,250! Well… golfing is a rich person’s sport, so we’re not altogether surprised.

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