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Receive Gmail’s Powerful Features On Other Email Accounts


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Non-Gmail accounts are getting an upgrade with the “Gmailify”application. Get the full features of Google email without the need of a Gmail account. Now, you have the option of keeping your old email address from another provider and receive the complete features of a Gmail account. When somebody enables Gmailify, they’re getting the benefits of a Gmail account without moving to the @gmail domain.

The Benefits of Gmailify:

  • Users get spam protection. The Gmail service identifies spam from patterns and user preferences. Spam gets sent to a separate folder and, at the top of the email, will be a label that explains why the message got sent to spam. Google filters the spam from your email.
  • Emails will be automatically sorted into tabs such as “social” and “update.” This is a default organizational tool that lets users get to the important stuff quickly and enjoy the fun stuff without pause.

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FreeSpace Helps You Keep Your Gmail Account In Check


Gmail is pretty generous with the amount of space they give you. If you have a free account, you get 10 gigabytes. When you upgrade to one of their plans, this limit is pushed up to 25 gigabytes. You’d have to be the type who archives everything in order to reach the limit, because it seems highly unlikely that you ever will. But hey, it could happen–and if you think you’re bordering on full email capacity, then you need FreeSpace.

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Gmail wants you to post sober

By Jonathan Kimak

When you combine night time with alcohol and loneliness you may end up pondering the meaning of life. But you don’t want to ponder alone, so you drunkenly call or email someone that you probably shouldn’t be calling or emailing in your current state of mind.

There’s nothing that I know of to prevent drunk dialing but now google has created an application to stop you from drunk emailing.

Called Mail Goggles, the add-on to gmail will force you to complete some math questions during certain times when you’re most likely to send something you will regret later. The default active time for Mail Goggles is nights during the weekend but you can change the settings to suit your own habits(If you’re brave enough to admit that you have any).

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