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Wink Glasses Fog Up To Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

Wink Glasses

A lot of people who use computers end up with dry eyes because they don’t blink as much as they should. Attempting to correct that and encourage users to blink at regular intervals are the Wink Glasses. The lenses fog up and become opaque for a tenth to two tenths of a second every ten seconds, forcing the wearer to blink or wink in the process.

The glasses prevent more than just the discomfort from dry eyes. It also prevents computer vision syndrome, which is caused by “focusing the eyes on a computer display for uninterrupted periods of time.” People with CVS report have reported headaches, eye redness, and even double vision, which makes the whole thing a complete pain to have.

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Visor Glasses Prevent Facial Detection to Protect Your Privacy

If you value your privacy, then you’re probably wary about surveillance or security systems that use facial recognition programs or snap pictures of passersby. They’re widely used these days, and you might’ve already resorted to wearing sunglasses to protect your privacy. However, sunglasses alone won’t be enough to prevent detection on facial recognition systems.

For that, you’d probably need something like these privacy visors that were developed by Japan’s National Institute of Informatics.

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Prism Glasses Let You Read While You’re Flat on Your Back

Prism Glasses

So you know how sometimes, you feel like reading or watching TV, but you’re just too tired or too lazy to hold your head upright? No? Well, the people behind these Prism Glasses will probably be disappointed to hear that, because they’ve come up with the perfect (and silliest) solution to your non-woes.

People normally prop themselves up with pillows so they can read or watch some telly when they’re in bed. What people normally don’t do is lie flat on their backs while doing so, because that’s probably going to cause a headache of epic proportions. A contraption that allows them to do that minus the eye strain are the prism glasses I mentioned earlier. Basically, the glasses will redirect your line of sight by ninety degrees downward, so you can do whatever it is you want to do and maintain a ‘normal’ view, even when you’re lying down. The glasses will also make you look like your eyes are popping out of their sockets in a very odd angle.

If you think the prism glasses are actually a good idea (and don’t mind how silly they’ll make you look while you’re wearing them), then hit the jump to check out another picture of it and links to where you can get it.

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Roller Rock Glass Is The Boss Way Of Drinking Whisky

By David Ponce

There’s a right and a wrong way to drink certain drinks, like fine scotch or whisky. At the very least that’s what you’ll hear in some circles. You shouldn’t mix them with Coke, for one; if you’re paying top dollar for this stuff you want to taste the liquor. And you shouldn’t cool them down with tiny ice cubes, because these melt very quickly and they dilute your expensive distillate. The best shape for an ice cube is a perfect sphere, because it exposes the least amount of surface to the liquid. That’s why we think the above Roller Rock Glass makes drinking right much easier. It comes with a mold to make the ball-shaped ice in the first place, but most importantly features a conical protrusion at the bottom so that you may swirl your ice around, cooling and aerating your drink at the same time. Take these out along with the good bottle of Glenfidditch when your boss is visiting, and you’ll be on your way to that promotion in no time. It’s $20.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GearHungry ]

Clink! Glass Is A Field Sobriety Test

By David Ponce

You’re at a shindig, a mixer, a hoe-down… you’re having fun and chasing your Jack with some Jamie. Life is great but next thing you know, you’re hugging the toilet and wish you were dead. You should have stopped some time ago, friend. While most of us know where that limit is, the Clink! glass is there to give an amusing little aid to the ones of us who don’t. It contains a tiny maze that lives in the bottom of the glass; should you find yourself unable to complete it for lack of finer motor skills, that should be a sign you should switch your bourbon for some water.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ CoolMaterial ]

Brewsees Glasses Feature Beer Bottle Opener On Arm

By David Ponce

There are beach sandals with beer bottle openers in the soles. Which is great and stuff, but when you think about it… the soles are pretty dirty things. What if you just stepped into some dog poo? You gonna want to open that beer? That was the through process that led one Rob Ianelli to found Brewsees Eyewear and create the “12′oz’er”.

The 12′oz’er is your go to pair of sunglasses with a fashionable wrap around style, black finish and of course, polarized lenses to keep that man face of yours free from those harmful UV rays. Each pair arrives in a custom beer bottle coozie you can use to keep your shades safe and by all means, keep the beer cold. Each opener is formed from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum and you’re going to feel how strong these puppies are.

It’s $30.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

HD Glasses: Because The Real World Isn’t Clear Enough

By David Ponce

What you’re looking at right there my friends… are High Definition Glasses. Wraparounds, no less. Because you see, no one may have told you this yet but that pair of eyeballs stuck in your head, well… it ain’t good enough. It’s 90′s technology, man. And you don’t want to be stuck in the 90′s now, do you? You heard us: all this time you’ve been seeing the world in Low Def. These glasses right there will take care of that problem for you.

Sure, some may say they’re only upconverting the world, but we beg to differ. This is 1080p all the way, baby! Check out these gems from the website:

    HD Vision technology gives you clarity that you have never experienced.
    Enhance your vision.
    Just like High Definition TV.
    Modern European Style.

It used to be that sticking a lowercase “i” in front of a name was enough to move a product. Seems “HD” is the new “i”… But who can resist that “Modern European Style”? At $20 a pop, they basically sell themselves.

Hit the jump for links, as well as a snazzy video of a similar product (not a wraparound, so not quite as cool… but damn if that’s not an awesome infomercial).

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