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Wink Glasses Fog Up To Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

Wink Glasses

A lot of people who use computers end up with dry eyes because they don’t blink as much as they should. Attempting to correct that and encourage users to blink at regular intervals are the Wink Glasses. The lenses fog up and become opaque for a tenth to two tenths of a second every ten seconds, forcing the wearer to blink or wink in the process.

The glasses prevent more than just the discomfort from dry eyes. It also prevents computer vision syndrome, which is caused by “focusing the eyes on a computer display for uninterrupted periods of time.” People with CVS report have reported headaches, eye redness, and even double vision, which makes the whole thing a complete pain to have.

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Offline Beer Glass Discourages People from Using Their Phones At the Pub

Beer Glass COncept

So this is a beer glass concept by creative agency Fischer and Friends, and their goal is to get you to stop using your smartphone when you’re down at the pub having drinks. It’s aptly called the “Offline Glass” and it looks just like your average beer glass, except for the groove cut out at its bottom. Turns out the little groove makes all the difference, because you can only stabilize the glass when you rest the groove on top of your smartphone.

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Artist Creates Beautiful Sculptures From Shards Of Glass


The only thing I’d be able to do with a shard of glass is accidentally cut myself with it. But Polish artist Marta Klonowska isn’t like me. Or most people. She makes the sculptures you see above, finding inspiration in paintings from the likes of Peter Paul Rubens or Francisco de Goya, against which her work is often displayed.

If you like that picture above, hit the jump for a bunch more and some links.

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