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Announcing The Winners Of The Smartfish Whirl Mice!

By Chris Scott Barr

Another Friday is here, which means it’s time to give away the three mice, as promised. 49 people entered, and while I thought a battle royale would be a cool way to pick the winners, our legal department informed me that it wouldn’t be a wise decision. Instead, I resorted to a random number generator (considerably less exciting, I know), and it chose Jason Kobilka, raph304, and atlcog as the winners. Each will be receiving a Whirl from Smartfish.

Congratulations to our winners! Don’t worry if you didn’t win, as we’ve got another great contest right around the corner, so stay tuned.

[ Smartfish ]

Win A Smartfish Whirl Mouse!

By Chris Scott Barr

When you’re spending hours at your computer working on a research paper, you’re going to wish you had something a little more comfortable than the standard mouse that came with the PC. Why not get something that’s specifically designed with ergonomics in mind, like this Whirl mouse from Smartfish? Better yet, why not let us give one to you?

We’re continuing our back-to-school giveaways this week by offering up three Smartfish Whirls. No, you’re not going to be greedy and get them all to yourself. What do you need with three mice anyway? Instead, we will pick three different winners and send a new Whirl to each of them. Just drop a comment below, and we’ll pick a winner this Friday. Good luck!

Contest open to US residents only

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Announcing The Winner Of The TimeCommand Giveaway!

By Chris Scott Barr

As promised, we have selected a winner for the TimeCommand from Stem Innovation. Drum roll please! The winner is mthammer11! Hopefully this will be a nice upgrade from their 24 year old alarm clock! Congratulations to them, and stay tuned for another awesome contest!

[ Stem Innovation ]

Win A TimeCommand From Stem Innovation!

By Chris Scott Barr

It’s back to school time, which means that you’re going to be out shopping for gadgets. After all, you can’t live through another semester without at least a few technological advances, now can you? To help ease that burden we’re going to be giving away some gear. To kick it off, we’re doing a quick giveaway of the TimeCommand from Stem Innovation.

You’ll remember our review of the TimeCommand from back in June. It is a great gadget that not only charges your phone and wakes you up at the right time, but it will also control your bedside lamp. Perfect for any dorm. If you want one, just drop us a comment below, and we’ll pick a winner on Friday. Good luck!

Contest open to US residents only.

[ Stem Innovation ]

Announcing The Tokyoflash Giveaway Winner

By David Ponce

And so the random numbers have spoken once more and the lucky winner of the Tokyoflash giveaway is Rob Green. Congrats, dude!

As usual, we’re very sorry we can’t make each and every one of you a winner, but we do keep trying to bring these to you as often as we can; keep entering and eventually, well… eventually maybe you’ll win!

Incidentally, before anyone says anything… Even though it wasn’t specified in the comments, making multiple entries, at the same time, in the same day, to increase your chances of winning wasn’t cool. I deleted the duplicates and kept one entry. If you’d like to argue, send a tersely worded missive to “legal” at this domain. We’ll get back to you instantly: please do hold your breath.

Announcing Our Last Minute Holiday Giveaway Winner!

By Chris Scott Barr

Alright, if your name is hspringsteen, you don’t have anything to worry about. All of those gifts that you still haven’t bought? They’re going to be coming your way.  We can’t cover all 21 of your nieces and nephews, but this should help a bit. Now are you going to wait until the last minute next year? Lets hope not.

In all seriousness, congratulations to him, and thanks to everyone else that entered. And remember, if you’re still wanting to get in on some free goodies, we are still giving away a Tokyoflash Kisai Sensai Pure Watch. The contest is running through Christmas, so at the very least you can get yourself a late gift.

Happy Holidays!

It’s The Holidays: We’re Giving Away A Tokyoflash Kisai Sensai Pure Watch!

By David Ponce

It’s the Holidays so of course here at OhGizmo! this means giving back to you, our readers, at least a tiny sliver of the joy you give us with your patronage. We try to do this in the form of giveaways, and we’ve sure had a few so far: the EOS Mixtape Watch (now closed), the Windows Phone 7 (now closed) and the TiVo Premiere (still open, so go comment!). We’re adding one more to that list with the Kisai Sensai Pure watch from Tokyoflash, in black on black.

As any self-respecting geek should, we have a serious love affair with these watches and believe that a line from Wired UK magazine captures their essence quite eloquently: “Tokyoflash has made being obtuse into an art form.” Indeed. So read the rules (they’re always changing a little) and enter for your chance to win!

Rules: 1) Open worldwide!! 2) Leave a comment on this post, but please make it longer than 25 characters (it’ll make your editor happy…). 3) Comments will be closed on December 25 at 11:59pm EST.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Happy Holidays!

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[ Tokyoflash ]

Announcing The Winner Of The EOS Mixtape Watch

EOS Mixtape Watch (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Random.orgThanks again to everyone who entered our EOS Mixtape watch contest. We’d love to be able to send each and every one of our readers a watch since in our minds you’re all winners, but we can’t. So once again we turned to the impartial to decide who gets it.

This time it was commenter #16, Justin Bullock, who said: “I have always wanted one of these “unique watches” like those from Tokyoflash. I like this one way more then any of the watches they have to offer!” So congratulations Justin, your ‘unique watch’ lust has just been quenched!

But those of you who didn’t win don’t have to be too upset about walking away empty handed. Today we started yet another giveaway, this time for a TiVo Premiere! So dry those tears and head on over and leave a comment for another chance to win.

And finally, if you really had your heart set on the Mixtape watch, we just want to remind you that you can still head on over to Shop Adorn, who generously sponsored this contest, and pick one up! You still have a few days if you want it to arrive by Christmas.

Reminder: Win An EOS Mixtape Watch!

EOS Mixtape Watch (Image property OhGizmo!)By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re just tuning in, thanks to our friends at Shop Adorn we’re giving away an awesomely retro EOS Mixtape watch. The contest runs until midnight on Sunday December 12, 2010, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on the original contest post. (Not here! In fact you can’t because I’ve just disabled comments for this post.)

Remember, if you’ve already entered you’re welcome to add a new comment every day to boost your chances of winning. And if the black on black motif of the Mixtape seen in our hands-on look isn’t ringing your bells, Shop Adorn is actually letting the winner choose the finish they’d like. So really you have no reasons to let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

So go leave a comment! Or another one! -> Hands-On With The EOS Mixtape Watch & Another Contest! Enter For Your Chance To Win Your Very Own Retro Timepiece!