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Win A Portable Laptop Stand From AViiQ!

By Chris Scott Barr

Friday is here, which means your workweek (or schoolweek) is coming to a close. That itself is enough cause for excitement, but I’ve got another one for you. That’s right, we’ve got a giveaway to do! This week we have a nifty Portable Laptop Stand from AViiQ. It’ll make those long business trips, or those cram sessions at the local coffee shops much more bearable.

All you need to do is drop a comment below and we’ll randomly select one of you this time next week. As with most of our contests, this one is only open to US residents.

[ AViiQ ]

Announcing The Winners Of The Ferrari Game Pad And Safe Driver!

By Chris Scott Barr

We’ve got a couple of contests to update you on, as I’m sure you’re all anxiously awaiting the results. First, we’ll start with the Lemur Monitors: Safe Driver, as it was the first contest to go up. User ‘bebe211’ will be happy to know that she’ll be able to monitor her husband’s speed at all times (and my apologies to the aforementioned husband!). So congratulations to her!

Now there is the matter of the Limited Edition Ferrari Wireless Gamepad. The random number deities commanded that reader”jason” be handed one of these controllers. Perhaps it was his offer to paint his consoles and computer to match that appeased them. Congratulations to him, and stay tuned for more contests in the future!

[ Lemur ] [ Thrustmaster ]

Win A Limited Edition Ferrari Wireless Gamepad For Your PC And PS3!

By Chris Scott Barr

I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t these guys just start a giveaway on Friday?” Well if you must know, we did. However we’re so excited about getting free stuff into your hands that there’s going to be a new contest running until next Monday. This time we’re giving away a Ferrari Wireless Gamepad 430 Scuderia Limited Edition from Thrustmaster.

Yes, that is quite a mouthful. This controller was inpired by the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, which makes it ideal for racing games, though you need not reserve it for only those titles. Extra features include an optical wheel with auto-centering (for better steering), dual progressive triggers and  fully-customizable buttons. The best part is that this gamepad will work for both the PC and PS3.

The worst part about giving away items like this is that we can’t give them to all of you. Generally there is only one to be had. However, there’s a similar contest running over at GamerFront, also starting today. So if you’re in the US, drop a comment below for a chance to win, then head over there and drop another to double your odds. Good luck!

[ Thrustmaster ]

Win A Lemur Monitors: Safe Driver!

By Chris Scott Barr

I’m sure that we have more than a few parents out there that are reading the site. If you have kids who are just starting to drive, then you no doubt worry about how safe they are being. Namely, are they speeding, braking suddenly or just going places that they shouldn’t be? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a device that would tell you all of these things? I’m sure it would be even better if you could get one for free, right?

This week we will be giving away a SafeDriver from Lemur Monitors. This two-part device has a sensor that plugs into the data port of your car, and a key fob that displays the car’s maximum speed, number of sudden stops and distance traveled since the last reset. Don’t worry, you’ll have to enter a PIN to reset it, and the device will alert you if either the sensor or the fob has been tampered with.

So what do you have to do to win? Like many of our contests, US residents can drop a comment below to enter. Next Friday we’ll select a winner at random from the comments left. Good luck!

[ LemurMonitors ]

Announcing The Winner Of The Warpia Wireless USB A/V Adapter Set!

By Chris Scott Barr

Last month we promised to give one of our lucky readers a Warpia Wireless USB A/V Adapter Set. The catch was that we would be selecting a random comment on a random article between that day and the 31st of July. The random number gods selected this article, and a coin toss on the comments left sario27 as the winner of the prize. Congratulations go out to him (or her)!

We’ll be doing more of these contests in the future, as we like to reward our readers that also enjoy participating in the comments. Stay tuned for more free stuff!

[ Warpia ]

Announcing The Winner Of The IDAPT i3 Universal Desktop Charger!

By Chris Scott Barr

Congratulations are in order for reader methodicjon who was randomly selected to win the IDAPT i3 Desktop Charger! As for the rest of you, stay tuned for more chances to win!


Win An IDAPT i3 Universal Desktop Charger!

By Chris Scott Barr

In this world of gadgets and gizmos, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of chargers for everything. If this is a problem you’re all too familiar with, then you need to get your hands on an IDAPT i3 Universal Desktop Charger. This allows you to charge up to three different devices at the same time, and is compatible with most gadgets including your iPod, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Blackberry phones and more. Since we know that you guys love your gadgets, we’re going to give you the chance to win one this week.

The usual rules apply here. If you’re in the US, just drop a comment below and I’ll select a winner at random this time next week. Good luck!


Announcing The Winner Of The Coloud NHL Headphones!

By Chris Scott Barr

Congratulations go out to reader Nikkita Croix, who was selected as the winner of the Coloud NHL Headphones. For those of you that didn’t win, stick around, we’ve got more contests on the way!

[ Coloud ]

Win A Warpia Wireless USB A/V Adapter Set!

By Chris Scott Barr

Few people enjoy Mondays, and those that do generally need to have their heads checked. Since you likely need any sort of pick-me-up that you can get today, we’re going to kick off a special giveaway. The prize is the Warpia Wireless USB A/V Adapter Set that we told you about back in January. Having one of these in your possession means that you can send audio and video wirelessly from your PC to your TV.

We’re changing up the rules a bit on this giveaway. You’ll still enter by commenting, but not on this article. We like to reward our active readers, so we’ll be selecting a comment from a random post published between now and July 31st. You can comment on as many posts as you like (thus increasing your chances to win), but keep in mind that we’ll be making sure that the winning comment is constructive and relevant to the post. Also, the contest is only open to US residents. Good luck!

[ Warpia ]