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The Great Disney x Nicolas Cage Crossover

Disney Nic Cage

Nicolas Cage is so popular, he’s even got his own meme. Disagree all you want, but he’s one of the most widely-visible actors on the web–although not it’s not all good or positive sometimes. Somewhere in the middle though, are these Nic Cage x Disney Princesses crossovers where the head of each Disney princess has been replaced by Nic’s.

Who knew he’d make such a pretty mermaid?

Hit the break for the rest of these hilarious GIFs by Jen Lewis.

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‘Face to GIF’ Web App Turns Your Selfies Into Animated GIFs

Selfie GIF

Non-animated selfies are so yesterday. You can still be as vain as you want to be but add a little bit of fun and a whole lot of action by creating a GIF selfie instead. It normally involves a multi-step process to make GIFs, but Horia Dragomir has made it easier for everyone with her web app that’s aptly called ‘Face to GIF.’

The app accesses your web cam and turns the recorded video stream into a GIF. Quick, easy, and painless. After that, you can make edits or just send the GIF directly off to Imgur.

Start making your own GIFs here.

VIA [ Dvice ]