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Modern G.I. Joe Action Sunglasses in Blister Packs are Must-Haves for Die-Hard Fans

GI Joe Glasses

Have a look-see at Look/See’s newest line of limited edition Modern G.I. Joe Action Sunglasses. There are five different designs available, featuring one of the G.I. Joes and four supervillains from the franchise: Cobra Commander, Destro, Duke, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow. The first two come with silver mirror lenses, while the last two are dark grey. Of course, the Duke pair comes with gold mirror lenses; what else did you expect for a Joe?

When we say they’re limited edition, we do mean limited. Only 100 units of these sunglasses will be made ever, so get them while you can.

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Kickstartin’ Terror: COBRA Needs Your Help to Rebuild Cobra Island

Cobra Kickstarter

Think you’ve seen the last of Cobra? Think again. They’re getting ready to wreak terror once more, but before they can do that, they need to rebuild their secret headquarters that was destroyed by GI Joe. Unfortunately, that’s going to require a whole lot of money–money that the Cobra organization doesn’t have. Rallying behind them are their colleagues Destro and Dr. Mindbender, but they can’t spare that much cash as well.

The solution? Kickstarter.

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