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This… Now This Is A Grill

By David Ponce

Any grill that features a 20 oz. deep fryer in its center is all right by us. Combining everything that’s wonderful about human ingenuity, the Blacktop 360 grill has a “griddle for frying up breakfast fare like pancakes and sausages, a warming plate to keep everything hot and juicy, and an infra red grill capable of searing steaks and burgers at temperatures up to 650 degrees.” Did we mention it has a deep fryer in the center?

Making sure your arteries remain nice and clogged has never been easier or more convenient. See, the Blacktop 360 folds up and lets itself be carried in a briefcase. When deployed (yeah… deployed), it feeds off the same kind of propane you’d use on a regular BBQ. And it can be all yours for $250.

It’s football season, ain’t it? Ain’t ya got a tailgate party to go to?

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Genius G-Shot HD520 Camcorder Unveiled


By Shane McGlaun

Over the last few years camcorders have changed drastically from devices that recorded to tapes of different types to machines that use internal flash or hard drives to store video. With the move to flash storage and HDDs the cameras were also able to shrink to more portable sizes.

Genius has announced its first camcorder called the G-Shot HD520. The little camcorder weight less than six ounces and records video in 720p resolution. Video is encoded and compressed using MPEG-4/H.264 formats. In addition to recording video the camera can also take still images at 11-megapixels.

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