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These Wedding Rings Say ‘I Do’ in Wavelengths

I Do Wedding Rings

Of course, both parties in a couple have already said “I do” to each other prior to buying the rings or walking down the aisle. But nothing makes that point across or any clearer than these wedding bands by Japanese artist and designer Sakurako Shimizu.

These custom-made bands are simplistic but contain a very strong message. Whether it’s “I do”, “Forever”, or “I Love You”, couples can say anything they want to and then wear it on their ring fingers afterwards. It sounds confusing, but that’s where the beauty and uniqueness of these rings lie: Shimuzu’s unique design will have the couple say their word or phrase of choice, which is then recorded. The wavelength form of these recordings will then be featured on the rings.

The wavelength bands are available in silver, 18K and 14K white, yellow, and red gold, and platinum.

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Cool Optical Illusion: Click Image And Blink Fast


The above optical illusion is in the form of a GIF. Click the image to see it animate, and then blink really fast. You’ll see Mandalas appear all over the place.

Mandalas, incidentally, are shapes of particular spiritual importance in Hindu and Buddhism. Yes, Wikipedia is the Internet citizen’s friend.

VIA [ BoingBoing ]

Sriracha Salt


We’re not sure at which point in the last years Sriracha entered the Hall Of Fame of Geek foods, along with bacon… and bacon, but it’s definitely there. There’s Sriracha Popcorn, Sriracha Chocolate, and now we stumble across Sriracha salt. For those times when sauce is just too wet for your tastes, this salt is “a dehydrated mixture of Sriracha sauce, kosher salt, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper.” The vast majority of reviewers on Amazon seem to give it the thumbs up, so we’re gonna go ahead and assume it’s decent. Considering it’s $5, you won’t break the bank even if you don’t end up loving it. However, it doesn’t seem to be available at the moment, but you can sign up to be notified of when it is.

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Cool Crocheted Bane Mask Now Heavily Backordered


That’s it, you guys. This is why we can’t have nice things. You find out about one cool Bane mask that some poor Etsy seller painstakingly made, and you have to go and order it in droves. That’s cool, that’s cool… But now we have to wait around 4 months to have one.

And we will. We will, because frankly, $93 is still darn cheap for what has got to be one of the coolest ways to stay warm.

And if $93 is too rich for your blood, or walking around in garb that could scare old ladies isn’t your thing, then at least head on over after the break for more pictures of the thing.

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Beautiful Glitzy Sculptures Made By Moth-like Insects


French artist Hubert Duprat is an exploitative type. Fortunately, he likes to exploit insects, and even more fortunately, he’s not really exploiting them at all. What he is doing however, is conning the Caddisfly to make some sculptures for him. This moth-like insect creates a protective silk case for its pupation state, from which it emerges with wings, like a butterfly. But it likes to decorate this case with things it finds in its environment. These are usually small rocks, sand, pieces of twigs, etc. Hubert used this behaviour and placed Caddisfly larvae in tanks that contained nothing but jewels: gold flakes, pearls, and precious stones. So obviously, the little Caddisfly had no choice but to do its thing with the materials at hand, and built Mr. Duprat some art, which he then displayed, presumably for profit.

There’s a bunch of talk about the artistry behind the work, and probably the meaning of it all. But we’re not going to lie, we don’t really care, we just saw this and thought: neat! So there you have it.

Hit the jump for links and a video of Hubert talking about this, and some insects working hard.

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Awesome Invites for Awesome Parties: PercyVites, DIY Balloons, Flip Books, and Superheroes

DIY Wedding

If you’re in the process of planning a grand celebration for a grand event, then obviously invitations are at the top of your list. Because without invites, how can you get people to attend your event, much less let them know why you’re celebrating and where you’re going to be holding the festivities? It used to be that people simply went to a printing press to have their invitations printed. But in this day and age, people are getting more involved and more creative with their invites.

For example, ultimate geek couple Bill Porter and his wife (but then-fiance) Mara decided to do away with traditional embossed wedding invitations and bring out the circuit boards instead. They worked laboriously to print and assemble over 50 invites fitted with LED lights. The coolest part is that the lights flashed a secret message in Morse code when the sensors in the board detect decreased light levels. Pretty cool, huh?

For more awesome invites that were no doubt made for equally awesome parties, hit the break. You might get a few ideas for your own party in the process!

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This Retired LEGO Mold Made 120,000,000 Bricks


There’s really not much more information on this aside from what’s in the headline. And is there really any need for more?

So let’s sample some of the top comments on the Imgur page on which it was found.

    “Now, he’s living in Boca Raton, got a nice condo, does some volunteer work and he goes Marlin fishing once a month.”
    “It shits bricks.”
    “After years of service finally it just Lego”
    “Pain factory!”

VIA [ Nerd Approved ]

DIY: Chicken N’ Waffles On A Stick


Chicken and waffles are as American a dish as apple pie. Eating stuff on a stick? We’re not sure if that’s an “American thing” as well (we doubt it; other parts of the world love kebabs for instance), but we do know you Yanks enjoy corn dogs and such. So why not combine the convenience of skewered food with the deliciousness of Chicken N’ Waffles? The Instructables link below give you a step by step on making your own, but it’s pretty simple. It involves first impaling some friend chicken, then wrapping it in batter and sticking in into a corn dog maker.

Suggested dipping sauce? Jalapeño vanilla breakfast syrup. Yes, this exists.

[ Chicken N’ Waffles On A Stick ] VIA [ NeatoRama ]

The Story Of The Stormtropper Carbon Fiber Helmet

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 11.42.24 PM

Back in 2011, Leonard Carson, an engineering technician for San Diego Composites, decided he wanted to make a Stormtrooper outfit out of carbon fiber. Seeing as his company had the materials needed, he convinced three of his co-workers to embark on the project with him. With the blessings of the company’s president, they finally created some decidedly eye-catching outfits which went viral when initially revealed online. Fast forward a year. A company called CarbonFiberGear managed to acquire a helmet from one of the four engineers, and they went on Pawn Stars to see if they could sell it. Pawn Stars being what it is, they walked away from the offer. They didn’t want to hold on to it though, so up on their website it went, and they did finally manage to sell it, for $3,500.

So that means that you can’t buy it. The three other helmets still belong to the guys who made them, and are not for sale. Maybe the person who bought it will put it back on the market, maybe not. Meanwhile, you can look at pretty pictures. A bunch more after the jump.

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