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What Goes In Must Come Out: Rainbow Pasta Amidst Parmesan Clouds

Rainbow Pasta

As the title hinted, there are going to be some references to ass kabobs, so if you’re easily grossed out, then I suggest you just look at the pretty pictures and skip the not-so-pretty words.

You know how, as a kid, you’d wonder why you’d have bum nuggets that are black as coal or turds that are slightly greenish sometimes? At this point in your adulthood, you probably already know why your lumpy farts are that shade of gray: it’s all that damn coloring in your food! I’d normally stay away from food color bombs like the bowl of rainbow spaghetti you see pictured above–but St. Paddy’s day comes only once a year, and you know what they say about special occasions: it calls for special food, too.Continue Reading