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Things To Do When The Internet Is Down

By David Ponce

I’m the fetal position guy.


VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]

Hey You Super Geek You, Halloween Is Round The Corner

By David Ponce

And these badass caped socks for your caped costume are out of stock. Sad. Still, how hard can it be to convince grandma to sew on a couple of these to your knee-high Superman socks? These are Robin’s (of Batman fame) socks on the picture, but… you’re going to wear knee-high Superman socks, right? Like these below.

Right? Isn’t that what the cool kids are up to these days?

[ Product Page (based on the URL, these might be women’s…) ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

Basement Dwellers Beware: Jones Soda Releases D&D Spellcasting Soda


By David Ponce

I’ve thought long and hard about making lame Dungeons & Dragons jokes, but what’s the point? Isn’t the fact that Jones Soda is releasing a line of D&D-themed sodas hilarious enough on its own? With names like Potion of Healing, Sneak Attack, Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer, Eldritch Blast, and Dwarven Draugh, the comical effect of the Spellcasting Soda line seems to have reached its climactic heights without any of my assistance. So I’ll just throw some hard facts at you: it’s $11 for a 6-pack and $19 for a 12-pack. Plus shipping of course. And since “all these limited edition packages are hand-made with care and you will need to allow a few days for delivery.”

That’s it really. Any druids or wizards reading this excited? Anyone?

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]