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Here’s A Chocolate Shot

By David Ponce

Yes, that’s a chocolate shot. It’s made by a company called Zotter. It’s kind of like an alcohol shot that you see in bars, except with less alcohol and more chocolate. Well… no alcohol. Just chocolate. But hey, it comes in a bunch of flavours, like coconut, almost, and mandarin. Each shot is 12 ml, which really isn’t a whole lot. But hey, it’s a shot of fair-trade certified organic ganache, which only stays fresh for 4 weeks due to its lack of preservatives. Which almost makes the €2,50 justifiable.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ The Fancy ]

Back To The Future LEGO Could Very Well Become Reality

By David Ponce

So it turns out that LEGO has this thing called LEGO Cuusoo, which is kind of a digital suggestion box. You can create your own designs of LEGO sets that you’d like to see, and if they get at least 10,000 votes, the company will seriously look at it and potentially make it. The above Back To The Future set has reached that milestone, so there’s a pretty decent chance it’ll become a real product. Not everything gets approved however. A Shaun Of The Dead design that had reached the threshold was vetoed by the company on the grounds that it was too violent a movie for its target market of young kids. But the BTTF concept you see above should not run into the same problem. The set

includes all the pieces to make three versions of the DeLorean, one for each movie, along with the required props and minifigs of Doc Brown and Marty McFly. It will require you to build your own Lego Hill Valley .

We can’t imagine anything derailing this project, other than not being able to secure the rights maybe. So it should only be a matter of time until we update you with availability information.

[ LEGO Cuusoo ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Buy These Earrings And Get Free Cake As Bonus

By David Ponce

For anyone with a hole in their ears and a soft spot for GLaDOS and Aperture Labs, the above Portal earrings will let the world know how you feel. They’re rather large at 1.5 inch a piece, but don’t cost a fortune: $20. And even though they’re sold on Etsy (which often features handmade items), they’re made from laser cut acrylic for consistent and accurate reproduction. As you can imagine however, demand is high. This means there’s a 10 day backlog which will probably grow longer the more you wait to place your order.

Also, the cake is a lie.

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Must Watch: Washing Machine Dies Horrible, Agonizing Death

By David Ponce

Videos of people wantonly destroying things are a dime a nothing on YouTube. But this particular one is a little more spectacular, and a little more poignant than others. You have to watch it to understand. But if you can’t, just know that what you see is what happens when you throw a brick into a washing machine.

Or better yet, let me quote the top YouTube comment:

“At first, it was awful like watching someone getting tortured to death… as more and more pieces flew off, it became more and more poignant… then finally they threw a brick in to put it? out of it’s misery and it finally ripped itself asunder, its motor screaming out its death cry to the heavens.”

VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]

Star Trek Coffee Table Impresses, Empties Account

By David Ponce

One Barry Shields over at Etsy spent one month making this coffee table modeled after the Star Trek Enterprise NCC 1701-C. It looks good. It’s a Star Trek related item and we know we love us some trekkie stuff. That should be enough to sell this… if it weren’t for the $3,100 price tag. It is a one of a kind though, which surprisingly hasn’t sold yet as of this writing despite the mounting amount of press it’s getting. This is what Barry has to say about it:

The glass is cut to look as though its in motion and the base was designed to portray the ship in orbit over a planet. It has a beautiful rubbed poly finish coat for complete protection for many years to come. Its solid, sturdy and you CAN put your feet up on it after a long day at the office. This is a one of a kind! You will not see another one like it. Glass dimensions are 34″ x 54″ x 17″ tall

[ Product Page ]

WTF: Modern Slot Cars Go Insanely Fast

By David Ponce

This is one of those videos you have to watch to understand why I’m so impressed. Simply telling you these modern slot cars go fast means nothing. Fast usually means “pretty darn quick but I still can see what’s going on.” This… this is just mind blowing. The people controlling the cars? Cyborgs, no doubt.

Incidentally, the action starts about one minute in.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

DIY Magnetic Levitating Sculpture Kit

By David Ponce

This is a contraption whose sole purpose is to suspend a magnet cube in midair. But if you’re anything like us, you don’t need any more justification to start wanting this. Think of this item as a cross between a toy, a puzzle and a work of art. It’s a puzzle because you’ll be sure to have some fun assembling the 20 laser-cut pieces of MDF. It’s a toy because, let’s face it, it’s more fun than assembling IKEA furniture so the process itself… screw it, alright, it’s not a toy. But it is somewhat of a work of art in that if you like science at all, you can keep this on display to show the world just how much of a geek you are.

Place the cube magnet in between the specially-cast bismuth cones, and let the forces fight. See, gravity will be pulling the magnet cube down, but the super powerful magnet on top of the sculpture will be pulling the magnet cube up. Slowly turn the wheel of your DIY Magnetic Levitating Sculpture Kit (which adjusts the powerful magnet’s distance from the cube). Once you get the forces balanced (so to speak), the magnet cube will hover in mid air!

It’s $50.

[ Product Page ]

Hypnotizing Video Of The World’s Smallest V-12 Engine Being Assembled

By David Ponce

The video above shows craftsmanship and engineering prowess of such a degree that I remained transfixed for the duration of the 10 minute video. It shows a Spanish man machining every single part of a tiny V-12 engine and then proceeding to assemble the thing. Here are some details on the engine:12 cm3 of displacement (making it a… 12mL engine?), the diameter of the cyllinder is 11,3 mm and the stroke of the pistons 10mm. It runs on compressed air though it could conceivably run on gas; the guy didn’t want to “contaminate” the air with combustion gasses. There are 261 parts, 222 screws and it took him 1,220 hours to complete. It’s a one-off creation, is not for sale and is meant to instruct viewers on the inner workings of such an engine.

VIA [ BoingBoing ]

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