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Titanium Entry Card Is Cool, Easily Abused

The country is having a conversation about tools that can be used to do bad things. And while a set of lockpicking tools doesn’t quite compare to the gun debate, the idea is that in irresponsible hands, the Titanium Entry Card could be seen to promote illegal activity. But there may be situations where you actually do need to pick a lock, legally. Like when you lock yourself out, which does happen more than anyone cares to admit. Should this happen to you, this 0.032in., wallet-sized, aircraft-grade Titanium card contains two identical sets of tools that will get you back inside in no time. Two sets because, well, once you snap one set out, it’s kind of impossible to carry it with the same convenience. “With each card, you’ll have two tension (torsion) wrenches and two sets of bogota tools (triple and single hump) perfect for raking or single-pin picking. You’ll also receive a durable Tyvek sleeve for protection.” It’s $50.

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Killspencer Card Carrier Is Slick

Guys, let’s face it: thick wallets are out. This much we’ve said before, and we’ll be happy to say it again. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for gear like the Killspencer Card Carrier, above. It turns your iPhone 5 into a barebones, essentials-only, card carrier. Fitting only 4 cards (1 license, 2 credit cards, and 1 debit card), the carrier adds very little width to your phone, and does so with class.

[It is made] of Natural Oil-Tanned Leather and Macassar Ebony Wood, and is lined with the finest Italian-made Alcantara® Suede Endoskeleton, with a thumb port cut for easy access.

It sticks to the back of the phone with an adhesive, and can be easily removed. It’s elegant, efficient, and we really like it, but is obviously reserved for those of us who have the courage to leave home with the bare essentials. If that’s your thing, you’ll have to part with $69 to own one.

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Tic Button Fasteners Help Out In A Pinch

Hey so uh, those darn buttons, eh? Ever had to throw a shirt because a button fell off and you’re useless with a thread and needle? I have. Loved that shirt, too. But I was young, and stupid and didn’t want to ask anyone for help, so off to to goodwill it went. But I think I might have been ok with using a Tic button instead. It’s this little kit that helps you mend a fallen button with no needle or thread. Just “1) Take one tic and pinch the spiky end through the shirt fabric, 2) Place the button on the spikes and close, and 3) Hold the button, and rotate the clip until it falls off.” Sounds simple enough. We’re not sure how durable the button is, but at $8 for a 4-pack, even if it’s a temporary fix, it’s a decent deal.

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SmarTea Teapot For Tea Lovers

We’re not big drinkers of tea; it wouldn’t seem right when we’re already on an IV drip of coffee. But there is a legion out there who is, and feels pretty strongly about it. We’ve featured tea infusers on occasion, but it’s time to talk about a teapot. The SmarTea Set is a pretty average teapot with the exception of the stainless steel base that contains a space to put a little candle, which keeps your tea warm. It’s stylish and functional at the same time, and we suspect the tea crowd will love it. The tea crowd will have to prepare to pay a good chunk of change for the privilege however: the SmarTea Set is $122.

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Kangaroo Bottle Carries Your Essentials For You

Whether it’s cycling, jogging, pumping iron at the gym or even going on a hike, there’s always the issue of what to do with your personal effects. Sure, you can leave them in the car, but what if you need them on the road? Put them in a pocket and have them rattle around during your activity? Sure, there are plenty of ways of dealing with this, but the Kangaroo bottle is one of the more elegant ones in our opinion. It’s a 24 oz. water bottle with a flip-up compartment for storing your cards, keys or even some cash. The spout features an “Autoseal” mechanism that is spill-proof and leak-proof and can be used one-handed. There’s even a convenient flip-up handle with a carabiner to clip to your gym bag or backpack. Best of all, it’s pretty cheap at $13.

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About To Get Caught In An Avalanche? Stay Afloat With This Airbag System

The power and intensity of avalanches is hard to put in words. No one wants to be caught in one but if it unfortunately does happen, you can be prepared. The Patrol 24 ABS Avalanche Airbag Backpack features two Nitrogen-inflated bags that can be deployed with a rip cord. The idea is that while the avalanche is actually happening, it has much the same properties as a liquid. But once it stops, the snow becomes compacted and if you’re trapped underneath, is sure to asphyxiate you. So you want to do your best to stay afloat so that you’re near the surface when everything ends. That’s why the airbags could save you. Of course it does nothing to prevent you from getting crushed by a felled tree or a rock, but you can try to put the odds on your side.

The system isn’t cheap however, clocking in at an impressive $1,179. Of course at that price, you do get an actual backpack, not just the safety system. But still, you bette be one serious mountain hiker if you’re going to splurge on that.

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TGT Wallet Is Another Take On Minimal

The type of wallet you choose as well as where you decide to stash it (front vs. rear pocket) is a topic of endless discussion in some circles. But there’s no denying that the growing trend is to go minimal and carry only the essentials in the front pocket; the George Costanza types are a dying breed. Capitalizing on the movement is the TGT (which stands for “Tight”) wallet seen above: “The TGT 1.0 is a simple wallet made of rare high quality elastic. The TGT 2.0 adds a pocket made of fine Italian leather.” And that, really, is it. With an effort in restraint, you can select only your essential plastic and some paper money and not have to worry about herniating a vertebral disc from sitting on an overstuffed wallet again. The TGT wallet is fully funded on Kickstarter… 5 times over actually, and at $16 and $32, you’ll still have plenty of that paper money left to carry around in it after you’ve placed your order. Better yet, it’s apparently not too late to order it in time for the Holidays.

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The Tufrack, For When The Rack Has To Be As Tough As The Bikes It Carries

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with regular bike racks, but some people are really into appearances. Driving a Hummer? That’s you. That’s alright though, we don’t judge, we’re just recognizing some realities of life. And if you enjoy interspersing your driving around in a giant hulk of metal with occasional rides on self-propelled vehicles, like a bicycle, you might want to match your accessories. The Tufrack is made from MIG welded, laser cut, powder coated 16-gauge steel, and is yet 25% lighter than the competition’s tray style racks. It’s also modular, meaning you can add numerous racks inline as needed. Tufrack guarantees it to be indestructible, but indestructible is not cheap: $199 per rack.

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Giant Tripod Takes Your Photography To New Heights

There may be times when you start feeling that the perfect shot has to be taken from 11 feet in the air, but there is no tree for you to climb, no railing to hang from or innocent bystander to stand atop. All the way back at a concert, for example. So… what’s there to do? If you’re toting the Tree-pod pictured above, there may yet be hope for you. Collapsing into a fairly portable 90 cm (36inches) and weighing in at 13kg (28lbs), the towering tripod almost touches 11ft when extended. And yeah, it’s kind of hard to control and setup your camera when it’s up there and you’re down there, so the Tree-pod can be transformed into a ladder to make climbing easy.

It’s aimed at professionals, and with a $6,000 price tag, there may be few other people in a position to justify its purchase. The thrifty shopper may like to think of it as a fancy tripod AND an expensive ladder in one.

Availability isn’t known.

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