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Deal Of The Day: $120 Off On Gateway 15 Inch Quad-Core Laptop

By David Ponce

Gateway… That’s a name we haven’t heard in a while. And yet the NV55S02u laptop this deal is about seems to have been well received by at least one customer who called it an “unbelievable deal”. Well, it’s perhaps not the deal of the century, but $120 off on a $599 laptop gives you an AMD A6-3400M 1.4GHz-2.3GHz quad-core processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 802.11n WiFi, HDMI, Radeon HD 6520G graphics, DVD burner, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS and more.

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Cheap Gateway P-7811FX Gaming Notebook is Perfect for College

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It’s back-to-school time across much of the country, and many people are out buying the notebooks for the coming school year. I’m sure there are many students headed off to college for the first time, who would like to take a nice gaming notebook with them. The reality is that most decent gaming notebooks cost around $5000, more than most college students can afford.

Gateway announced that it has added a new, affordable gaming notebook to its FX series called the P-7811FX. The cost of a notebook is only $1399.99 at Best Buy, making it very price competitive with basic notebooks on the market. Despite the low price, Gateway packs it full of higher-end features that you wouldn’t expect to see at this price.

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Gateway Launches 30-inch XHD3000 Computer Display

Gateway XHD3000 30-inch Display (Image via Gateway)
By Shane McGlaun

Gateway has jumped into the high-end 30-inch LCD market with its new XHD3000. The display has the same 2560 x 1600 screen resolution that you will find on all 30-inch LCD displays on the market. However, Gateway does offer some unique features on the XHD3000.

The first unique feature is the ability to upscale 1080p video from your Blu-ray or HD DVD player to what Gateway calls 1600p resolution. The XHD300 also has HD picture-in-picture capability. Connectivity options are fantastic on the XHD3000 with the ability to connect to six different devices simultaneously.

The display has one HDMI, one analog VGA, one DVI-D, two component, one composite and one S-video input. Also included are six USB ports. Built-in speakers are included and the display has an S/PDIF coax and Toslink out. The response time for the panel is 5ms, contrast is 1000:1, and the brightness is 400 cd/m2. You can buy the XHD3000 now at Gateway for $1699.99.

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