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Blinged Out Gangnam Style Pendant Will Set You Back $60K

Gangnam Bling

Would you pay close to $60,000 for a blinged-out pendant featuring Psy in his signature Gangnam Style dance move? I wouldn’t, but some celebrity went ahead and commissioned this very expensive piece from It features 636 pieces of round and oval-cut diamonds that add up to 6.25 carats set in 18-karat white gold and yellow gold.

The pendant kind of looks like an egg with glasses and a body stuck on it, but maybe that’s just me. Sixty thousand definitely seems like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on Psy and his horse dance. What say you?

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This House Does a Christmassy Version of the Gangnam Style–With Lights!

Gangnam Style

It all started with PSY and now it seems like everyone’s doing it. The Gangnam Style, I mean. I’m not exaggerating, because the phenomenon has spread and it seems like it’s not beneath anyone (or anything) to do the horsey dance these days, from prison inmates and mother-and-child tandems to U.S. Navy robots and houses. Yes, you read that right: houses.

How? Well, certainly not by moving its foundations and fluttering its doors and windows open and close. Instead, this house ‘performs’ the Gangnam Style with Christmas lights. It’s a pretty good light show overall and injects a holiday theme into Psy’s viral hit. And in a strange and funny kind of way, it actually works.

Hit the break to check out the light show.

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Oppa Gangnam Style USB Drive Will Make You Go ‘Op, Op, Op..’

Gangnam Style USB Drive

PSY’s Gangnam Style has broken records in both the real world and in the virtual world. It’s currently the third most-watched video on YouTube and it has inspired countless video parodies, Halloween costumes, and art installations ever since it hit. It looks like the folks over at USB Geek are jumping on the PSY bandwagon as well with the release of the PSY Gangnam Style USB Drive.

The PSY-inspired flash drive comes in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities and is coated with a durable silicone casing. It’s USB 2.0 certified and functions just like any other flash drive out there in the market. Perfect for storing and sharing your own Oppa-tastic parody of PSY’s hit tune. My only beef with the design is that it doesn’t feature PSY posed in the signature dance move from Gangnam Style. Now that would’ve been way cooler.

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