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NZXT H2 Reviewed

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re looking for a computer case. Everything from the size, physical appearance, and even the amount of noise it puts off go into your decision. You might not think that last item is all that important, but there are plenty of situations where a noisy computer can be a nuisance. Sure, you can drown out loud fans with music, but you shouldn’t need to do that. Instead, you can get a silent case, such as the NZXT H2.

This chassis has more to offer than just sound-dampening foam to keep it quiet. Extra features such as USB 3.0 support and a a built-in hard drive dock make this one worth a second look. But do these features make this case stand out enough to make it a must-buy for your next PC? Check out the full review over at GamerFront to find out.

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SupaBoy Gives Handheld Power To Classics

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Ever wanted to play your classic SNES games while on the go? Now you can. How so, you make ask? Simple! Hyperkin has come out with a new hand held device they like to call, “SupaBoy”. The most interesting part of this little hand held game-boy wanna-be is the fact that it keeps to legal terms. Rather than using downloads or emulators, the player gets to put the actual old SNES cartridge in the top of the hand-held gaming system. To add in a little more retro goodness, take note also of the two old controller plug ins right beneath the built in buttons.

For a simple 79.99$, it sounds pretty worth it to me. I’d love to re-live the good days of old school Zelda and Mario while waiting for the bus to pick me up. Want to order one for yourself? Check it out here.

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Review – Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard

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Razer is well-known in the world of PC gaming, mostly for their keyboard and mouse offerings. You can’t hardly have a conversation about such peripherals without the company’s name being brought up. Well today we’re going to take a look at their latest keyboard offering, the Anansi. This particular keyboard is aimed specifically at the MMO player.


At first glance, you’re going to see two of the features that set the Anansi apart from most other keyboards. These would be the five function keys on the left-hand side of the keyboard, and seven more just below the spacebar. You’ll also see the backlit keys, which by default, cycle through the color spectrum. What really makes this device stand out is that you’re not limited to customizing the 12 extra function keys. Rather, every single key is mappable. Also, it has a “gaming mode” which disables the Windows key. A handy feature for anyone that’s had the misfortune of hitting that button by accident during a raid.
Strangely enough, there were no audio jacks or USB ports on this keyboard. I don’t often use them myself, but if you have a short headset, it’s much easier to just jack into the keyboard instead of finding an extension cable.

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Review – Raptor M3x Gaming Mouse

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When I first saw this mouse I wasn’t too impressed, compared to other gaming mice it was lacking the initial wow factor that draws you to it. The M3x offers an on the fly DPI adjustment, however you must pick between eight predetermined settings (no customizing here). The eight options are associated with a colored LED so you would have to memorize which color coincides with each  resolution. The DPI selection is on a cyclic system, in other words you have to cycle all the way through to get to a lower DPI. I found this irritating, and almost counter-productive.

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Review – Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Championship PC Gaming Headset

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Last we were lucky to receive the Sonar 5.1 Championship PC Gaming Headset from Cyber Snipa. I was fortunate to be able to take this headset to the past LAN War at Indiana University and really put it through the gauntlet so-to-speak. After a long tandem of hourly gaming, I’ve got the stats on this superior headset.

The Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Championship headset is a bit unlike any other headset I’ve used. The design is really top-notch, and to be honest, it just looks really cool. It’s very comfortable on the top of your head, but you may run into problems if you have large ears like me. The ear pieces are comfortable, but smaller than they look. I first thought I could turn them, which would be cool, but they’re fixed and won’t slide.After a while, though, you don’t really notice the issue, so it’s not a big complication.

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Review – Roxio Game Capture

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About a week ago we posted an article about Roxio’s newest gem in the hardware industry, the Roxio Game Cap device. The device makes it very possible, and simple, to record your console gameplay (whether it be PS3 or Xbox 360), save it on your PC, edit the video, and even post it to Youtube or Facebook! We were able to get our hands on one of these devices, and I have been toying with it nonstop. Roxio also will be introducing PC game capture software, but we have a bit to wait on it. This is our review for the Roxio Game Cap console capture device.

I will admit that I am a newbie when it comes to capturing gameplay video. I’ve just begin to dabble in the realm of Let’s Plays, and my video editing skills, although more advanced than some, are a bit rusty. One of the cool things about this device is the ability to plug-and-play. Setup was simple, and the software has an amazing interface. For now, let’s focus on the device itself.

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Review – New Xbox 360 Controller With Transforming D-Pad

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Every so often, video game companies revamp their controllers. They change the color, add a few dollars to the price, and release them with a moderately sized ad campaign. But, more often than not, the “new” controller offers very little difference and ends up falling flat.

Not too long ago, Microsoft launched the new Xbox 360 controller with the new transforming D-pad and color scheme. The price is on average $64.99 and at first glance you would probably have the same opinion I did, “Fifteen more dollars for a new paint job and a fancy D-pad? Forget about it!” However, upon closer inspection of the packaging, you will discover it comes bundled with a charge and play kit which, is normally priced at $19.99. After finding out about the charge kit I decided why not save five dollars on a battery pack and get a new controller?

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Review – Rude Gameware Fierce Gaming Laser Mouse v.2

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Rude Gameware isn’t the most well-known brand in PC gaming peripherals, but they are trying hard to make a name for themselves. They’ve recently released an update to their Fierce Gaming Mouse, dubbed v.2. When looking at the two, you can tell that they have made quite a few changes. So many, in fact, I hardly put the two in the same league.


Rude’s first foray into the world of gaming mice resulted in a rather generic and boring-looking product. This time around you can see that they’ve spend some more time on the presentation. Black plastic along the curves and silver buttons provide just the right accents to make it a little more noticeable. You’ll also find a braided cord and different colored LEDs under the middle button to indicate the current DPI settings. Overall, it isn’t the most flashy mouse, but certainly not one I’d be embarrassed to have next to my keyboard.

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Sony Announces Game Save Cloud Storage For PS3

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It seems that Sony decided to be awesome and announce that the PS3 is going to start using cloud storage for its PlayStation Plus subscribers. The cloud will allow gamers to upload all of their saved game data to the network with 150 MB of storage. Starting up today, this online safe for your information will be available for use. You’re also going to start seeing more PS3 games coming out that will be better suited to take advantage of this feature.

Again, this offer is only for PlayStation Plus subscribers, but at only $49.99 a year, I’d say not having to worry about what might happen to your hard drive is worth it. For a limited time, all of you PlayStation lovers out there will get an extra three free months if you subscribe for a year.

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