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Sexy Version of Bizarre Halloween Costumes

Weird Sexy Halloween Costumes

Have you ever considered pizza sexy? What about burgers, fries, skunks, and sharks? No? Yeah, you’re not the only one. But costume maker Yandy wants to change all that. They did the same things a couple of months ago, when they released a line of Sesame Street costumes that turned the otherwise kid-friendly characters into PG-13 (or more) characters.

They’re at it again, and just in time for Halloween, too, with the release of these bizarre Halloween costumes that have been given a very sexy twist. You can check out the rest of the costumes after the break.

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Choose Your Own ‘Breaking Bad’ Adventure

Breaking Bad Book

Breaking Bad has officially come to an end. But don’t be too sad. Walter White lives on, in one way or another. The show’s much-talked about finale has inspired the release of so many Breaking Bad-related products, parodies, and even artwork.

One from the latter category is this series of classic Choose Your Own Adventure book covers featuring none other than the cast of Breaking Bad. The covers were done by Jon Defreest at the request of Vulture, and can I just say that they’re awesome? Hit the break for two more.
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This Movie-Themed Engagement Shoot is Pure Awesomeness!

Movie Engagement Shoot

The couple that watches movies together (and acts out scenes from those movies together), stays together. A lifetime of joy and togetherness is what we’re wishing Redditor hamburgersandwiches and his fiance, because that’s exactly what they did for their engagement shoot.

Instead of the usual cutesy shots at some park or landmark, the couple opted to reenact some choice scenes and movie posters to come up with a winning gallery of fun and quirky engagement photos. From Back to the Future and that pottery scene from Ghost to Wayne’s World and that scene from Titanic that had girls swooning, it looks like hambugersandwiches and his fiance did them all.

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Disney Princesses Dressed In Their Princes’ Threads

Disney Princesses in Prince0

Maybe this gallery by Haruki Godo will inspire Disney to produce spin-offs and spoofs of some of their biggest movies. Or maybe it won’t, but it’s still pretty awesome either way. Instead of dressing up the princesses in their usual gowns and frilly dresses, Haruko decided to suit them up in their partner’s threads.

Belle ditches the yellow ball gown for the Beast’s dashing uniform. Ariel does the same and looks pretty good in Eric’s suit. But I think Jasmine steals the scene in Aladdin’s garb that looks like it was made for her. Hit the jump to check out the full gallery of the princesses dressed in their princes’ clothes!

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Horror Comic-Themed Engagement Photos: Because Love Conquers All–Even Masked Creepers

Horror Comic Book Engagement

For their engagement photos, Chris and Alexandra came up with a fun and unique concept that’s definitely got people talking: a horror comic book theme. Their couple is all lovey dovey until they spot a saw-wielding masked man. That’s when the horror begins, and the photos play out like a comic book as the couple spring into action.

It’s definitely different from most engagement shoots where couples just lie around and gaze into each other’s eyes the entire time. Hit the break to check out the full gallery–and to find out what happens next.

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You’re Invited to a Generic Birthday Party

Generic Birthday Party

In this day and age where brands are plastered everywhere, it’s rare to see someone throw a party that’s completely generic. But that’s exactly what Chris did for his wife for her 35th birthday. There was a card, a bunch of balloons, gifts, games, and decorations, but they were all generic and definitely unlike most party favors.

They’re probably not what you’re used to, but I think that’s what makes the whole party so awesome.

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Untranslatable Words From Other Languages

Untranslatable Words Language is one of the many aspects of culture that sets the latter apart from others. One word in one language could mean something else in another language. Sometimes, one word in one language has no counterpart or translation in another. Maptia took eleven of these words and turned them into lively illustrations to make it easier for people to go through. The team used the information found in Guy German’s book, entitled Through The Language Glass, as the basis for the series. You can check out the rest of the series after the break.

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Guess Who: A Gallery of Iconic Women and Their Iconic Bangs

Portraits with Exagerrated Bangs

Some people’s hairstyles are so iconic that you can recognize them, just by seeing their hair alone. One example was Justin Bieber…before he changed his hairstyle, that is.

You’ll find more iconic hairstyles of even more iconic people in the images after the break. Can you recognize who the people in the portraits are?

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Women Fashionably Dressed as Web Browsers

Women Browsers


These women are web browsers, personified. Inspired by the logos of various web browsers, photographer Viktorija Pashuta came up with this creative series of women dressed up in outfits that bear the same color palette on the logos. From Internet Explorer and Safari to Firefox and Google Chrome, each model is totally rocking their browser looks.

Internet Explorer is my least favorite browsers, although I love this browser’s fashion ensemble best. On the other hand, I don’t care much for Google Chrome’s look, although it’s the only browser I use these days. Now isn’t that ironic?

Hit the break to check out each of the images in the gallery up close.

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