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Deal Of The Day: $300 Off The Samsung Galaxy Tab

By David Ponce

Depending on who you ask, the Galaxy Tab from Samsung is either a solid contender to the iPad throne or a misguided attempt to bridge the gap between cellphones and tablets. Its 7 inches of screen real estate and an Android operating system are put together in an attractive and very functional manner, the crux of the argument being whether this size device even deserves existence. RIM’s co-CEO Jim Balsilie would say “7 inches is enough”; we think the customers will decide. And to help you make that decision, today we’re letting you know about this deal from the Home Shopping Network. Basically, you buy the Tab (on Sprint’s network) full price ($699) and get a $300 Visa debit card in the mail. That’s a 43% saving. The Tab features:

a 7″ touchscreen, 2GB internal memory, 3G capability via Sprint (data plan required), 802.11n wireless, 1.3-megapixel front camera, 3MP rear camera, Android 2.2 OS (Froyo), microSD card slot with 16GB card, and more.

[ $300 Off The Samsung Galaxy Tab ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]