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Organic Dehydrated Water: Gluten-Free, No MSG, and For Fools Only

Organic Dehydrated Water

There’s a reason why you should pay attention to labels. Most health buffs these days pick ‘organic’ options where they’re available, while those on a particular diet look for products marked ‘gluten-free.’ But for the ultimate ‘healthy’ treat, I invite you to give organic dehydrated water a shot. It’s free from MSG, it doesn’t contain any gluten, and it’s fresh and definitely not made from concentrate, if you’re worried about that.

Oh, and in case you missed the part about it being dehydrated water, then you fit the target market for these tins–the fools market, that is.

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You’re Lazy: Wine Glass Holder Necklace

By David Ponce

Oh, you think you’re clever because now you’re at a party and you have both your hands free while carrying your wine glass around? You call it multitasking, do you? Well, here’s a wake up call, buddy: you’re just lazy. Sure, the 36inch strap lets you hang that glass just about anywhere on your chest and sure it’s convenient and…. You know what guys? We got nothing. There’s nothing we can say about the actual product above that isn’t just opinionated commentary. So there you have it. It’s a strap for carrying your wine glass around your neck. Some people think it’s genius, we… we’re not so sure. It’s $25 for a set of two.

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Handerpants – Because Your Hands Don’t Like Going Commando Either


By David Ponce

Yeah, it’s kind of like a gag, but what the heck. These are fingerless gloves made to look like a guy’s underpants. They’re made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, allegedly giving them the same look and feel as regular briefs. And yes, they’re actually for sale, at $12 for a pair.

If you have the kind of sense of humor that can appreciate something like this, hit the jump for a cringe-worthy infomercial as well as a purchase link.

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