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Peres Food Sniffer Lets You Know When Something’s Rotten

Peres Food Sniffer

If you’ve got a habit of sticking leftovers into the fridge and forgetting about them, then you might want to look into the Peres Food Sniffer. It’s basically what it’s name implies it is: a portable gadget that “sniffs” food to determine whether or not they’re spoiled or still safe to eat. Aside from forgetful people and their doggie bags, the Food Sniffer can be used to check whether something is still fit for consumption, whether it’s expiry date is three days away or many days past.

The Peres Food Sniffer works by “sniffing” and in effect, measuring the amount of volatile organic compounds and ammonia from the food, which are released when it’s about to spoil or is spoiled.

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USB Locket is For Files That Are Close to Your Heart

USB Locket

Why put just one picture in your locket when you can put hundreds, even thousands? I don’t mean in the old-fashioned sense though, because there’s no way a locket can hold a hundred tiny cut-up pictures of your loved ones. What you can do is save these photos onto a USB drive, which you’ll then put snugly inside the USB Locket. Obviously, you’re not limited to just storing pictures in the drive. Save videos, important documents, crucial contracts, and other files that you might need or can’t do without.

The USB Locket is available in silver or in 24-karat gold-plated brass and comes with a 2-gigabyte USB drive. It’s available online for $200.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

Fat-Burning Breathalyzer Lets You Know If Your Diet’s Working or Not

Fat-Burning Breathalyzer

This isn’t your typical breathalyzer in every sense of the word. It doesn’t measure the amount of alcohol in your breath; rather, it measures how much acetone is in it instead. But what does acetone have to do with diets? You might be aware that acetone is a compound found in most nail polish removers, but did you know that your body produces it, too?

Acetone is produced when fatty acids are broken down in your body. Break down enough fat and eventually this compound will find its way into your breath, so when you blow onto the fat-burning breathalyzer, you’ll know if you’re doing enough to shed off those extra pounds or not.

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Double Room Circulator Is Simple, Yet Expensive

By Chris Scott Barr

When it comes to cooling off a room without kicking on the A/C, nothing beats a good old-fashioned fan. If it’s cool enough outside, you can stick one in the window, or just have it circulate the air in the room. But does a single fan really work all that well for properly circulating a room? Certainly not as well as a pair, that’s for sure. This line of thought is no doubt what lead someone to design this Double Room Circulator.

The Circulator is essentially two fans strapped to a single housing. Both are able to be directed and controlled independently of one another, for maximum potential. It seems like a brilliant idea, but someone forgot to tell the manufacturer that little fans like those are really cheap. They’re asking around $130 for this contraption. I think I’ll go buy a pair of fans for around a third of the price and make do.

[ Segula Shop ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Stop Cats From Using Your Sandbox As A Litter Box

By Chris Scott Barr

When you were really young, I’m sure that at some point you played in a sandbox. However, did you ever dig up a cat’s buried treasure? Finding cat poop in your sandbox is just gross. If you don’t want your children to suffer the same fate, then you might check out this little device.

The Contech CatStop Cat Detterrent does exactly what you’d think it does; it deters cats. The gadget features a motion sensor that lets it know when to set off an ultrasonic alarm that will drive away felines. It’s supposed to be able to cover a 330 square foot area, which should take care of your sandbox. I suppose if you just really hate cats, you can stick a few of these in your yard for kicks. Then again $52 is a lot to pay just to get rid of a cat.

[ Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]

TV Poltergeist Helps With Your April Fool’s Pranks


By Chris Scott Barr

April 1st is closing in vast, which means you need to work on your pranking schemes. While putting saran wrap over the toilet bowl is great and all, why not go a little more high-tech this year? There’s nothing more frustrating than a piece of electronics that is going nuts for no apparent reason. Naturally, this makes screwing with someone’s TV even more appealing for your April Fool’s gag.

We’ve all seen the TV-B-Gone, which can be funny for a minute or two. However, it requires user input, which will no doubt get you caught. This year might I suggest trying the TV Poltergeist. Hide this little guy anywhere in the living room (just make sure the LED can be pointed at the TV) and turn it on. Every 5 to 20 minutes the TV will be turned on or off. It will continue to do this until either the batteries die or it is manually turned off. If you can hide it well enough, this prank can last for days! Sounds like $13 well spent to me.

[ ThinkGeek ] VIA [ RedFerret ]

Parrot Switch Plate Plays Voice Memos When You Turn The Lights On


By Chris Scott Barr

If you have trouble with communication in your family, sometimes you have to get creative. Sure, in this age of cell phones and text messaging, it’s easy to send someone a reminder. However, Making sure they are told something at the right time is an important factor. Lets say you want someone to get your message as soon as they walk into the house. This Parrot Digital Messaging Switch Plate can help with that very thing.

The device is simple enough, allowing you to record a 20-second message which will be played back when the switch is turned on. I can see this as something parents might use to remind their children of chores when they get home from school. It’s only $9.99 and installs in the same manner as any other switch plate (it gets power from 4x AAA batteries).

[ Kotula’s ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]

Aube Solar Timer Switch Turns Your Lights On Exactly At Sunset

By Luke Anderson

I tend to turn my lights on when I enter a room, and off when I leave them. Sure, during the day I’ll sometimes leave them off and just let the sunlight come in, and other times I’ll sit in the dark and play games. However, if you’re the sort of person that avoids turning on most of your lights until the sun has gone down, you’ll find this timer switch to be pretty handy.

Rather than being programmed to turn on your lights at the same time every day, you program in your latitude and longitude. This way, your lights will come on exactly at sunset. At $40, it won’t break the bank, though the hard part will likely be hooking it up to your lighting.

[ SmartHome ]VIA [ RedFerret ]

BHO Anti-Static Wristband Eliminates The Need For A Ground Wire

By Luke Anderson

I remember the good old days of being a full-time networking/PC tech. I had my workbench where I did all of the major internal work on the computers that came in. I always had a couple of static wrist straps lying around (I had a tendency to wear them home and forget them), and I always hated using them. That stupid cord always got in the way of everything, though at least the ones I used let you remove the cord from the band, which was about as convenient as it got. Well now it seems that someone has created a static wrist strap that needs no grounding wire.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no electrical engineer, but I always thought that unless you had something to ground out the strap, it was pointless. This particular one appears to store and discharge the static using a small resistor and a screw. Here’s the full explanation given on the site (you’ll have to forgive the broken English, since it’s a Taiwanese site).

Principle :
As per physics principle of “Corona” Discharge effects and “Points Discharge”
by transmission of electric potential difference to arrive the effect of
electrostatic elimination?That is use the physical principle of “Engineering of
static” transmit is use ion push ion transmission pushing the static of human
body as per the way of high electric potential enter the activation area than
use ” Skin effect” pushing the static from activation area to the point of storing
static and between the storing static area with discharging have one meg ohm
resistor to stop the static return to transmit. Further, the device out side have
one screw, it connect with inside conductor circuit
(1). Use for – When people touch high Static power n careless make instant
large electrostatic charge conduction, can offer ion neutralization with outside
water molecule by the screw when the ion neutralize un-finish in time.
[It’s “Corona discharge effect ] to eliminate the static reach to the final
purpose of ” Static voltage balance”
(2). Can be use to make the function of electric potential zero
(Just use the rew touch the grounding source)
(3). Can be used to check the circuit termination.

If these work as described, I could certainly see a huge market for something like this, especially since it’s not nearly as ugly as the ones I’ve owned. The main problem you’re going to run into is actually getting your hands on one. They’re only about $11, but you’ll need to get it imported.

[ BHO ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]