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Paytouch Lets You Buy Stuff Using Your Fingerprints


Paying for stuff just got easier with Paytouch. Of course, it’ll depend on the number of establishments that will choose to roll out the system in their stores, but the premise of the technology is simple: you pay with your touch. Basically, Paytouch links your credit card information with your fingerprint so all you have to do is have the machine scan your fingerprint whenever you want to make a purchase.

It completely eliminates the need to carry cards anymore. Heck, you could even do without carrying a wallet when you go out anymore, since all you’ll need are your fingers (which happen to be conveniently attached to your body).

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Stinky Footboard: Now You Can Play Games on Your PC With Your Foot

Foot Controller

Gaming is about to be revolutionized with the coming of the Oculus Rift and controllers that won’t require you to use your hands when you play anymore. One of these is the Stinky Footboard, which was recently unveiled at PAX East 2013 in Boston. It was designed by Stelulu Technologies’ Stephane Rivard and Luc Levasseur, and it’s aptly but unfortunately called ‘Stinky’ for short.

The Stinky is basically a very sturdy metal D-pad that lets you play your games with your foot.

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Puzzle Keyboard: Rearrange Your Keyboard However Way You Want To

Puzzle Keyboard

If you haven’t gotten used to your keyboard’s configuration by this time, then I doubt you ever will. It’s in cases like these where concepts like the Puzzle Keyboard will come in handy. It’s basically a modular keyboard that lets you arrange letters and characters based on your personal preferences. If you’d like ‘M’ to take the place of your ‘A’, then all you have to do is switch the keys over and snap them back into place.

With the Puzzle Keyboard, everyone and anyone can modify and customize their keyboard based on their typing habits.

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CAMERing Takes Stealthy Photography to the Next Level


People have been obsessed with stealthy gadgets even before James Bond came along. So it was to be expected that interest in these gadgets would soar when he finally did hit the big screen with all the ingenious stuff that Q supplied him with. Pens with video recorders, glasses with homing devices, and guns that only fire if the right person is holding it? Yeah, we’ve seen them all.

But another one to add to the list is the CAMERing. I think its name pretty much says it all, really, since it’s basically a ring with a camera cleverly embedded into it.

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Projecteo is an Ultra-Portable Instagram Projector You Can Take Anywhere


What better way to show off your favorite Instagram photos than with this miniature Instagram projector that’s worth showing off as well? This is the latest in a series of Instagram-related projects by the same team that brought you and Stickygram.

The projector is called Projecteo and it’s as small and miniature as projectors can get. It will fit snugly into the palm of your hand and uses tiny wheels of 35mm Kodak film stock where your images have already been embedded on. You’ll have to use a companion app to select the photos that you want to include in your reel, which Projecteo will then embed into slide films.

Hit the break for a video pitching the project.

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Smart Apron Automatically Alerts the Gang When the Grub’s Ready

Smart Apron

My friends and I have this thing where we take turns hosting dinners at our houses. I think most of us can relate that the most annoying thing is when someone keeps popping into the kitchen to ask if dinner’s ready because they’re starving. Something that can help along these lines is the Smart Apron.

It’s basically an apron that lets people know when you’ve started cooking and when you’re already finished, as signaled by when you put the apron and when you take it off. The Smart Apron makes use of wireless XBee radios hooked to Lilypad Arduinos to alert diners on the status of dinner (or lunch) by sending notifications to smartphones, tablets, or desktops that are following the cook’s progress.

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This Wheelchair Can’t Do Handstands, But It Can Climb Stairs for You

Robotic Wheelchair

The wheelchairs we have now are limited in functionality in the sense that they’re hard to maneuver when there’s a sharp curve or an obstacle. Don’t even get me started on how useless they are when it comes to stairs (since obviously, they can’t be used on stairs!) That might all change though when these wheelchairs of the future by researchers from the Chiba Institute of Technology are rolled out.

This four-wheel-drive, five-axis robotic wheelchair can climb stairs, ditches, and other obstacles since it’s wheels are ‘transformed’ into legs when the need arises. Team leader Shuro Nakajima, a Chiba associate professor, explains: “The robot has five sensors on its feet, to see if there’s anything nearby. It can also see how far it is from a step.” This is good news to persons with disabilities since their mobility is greatly increased with the features that this wheelchair boasts of.

Pretty awesome, right? You can watch a video of the wheelchair in action after the break.

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Finger Frame Cameras Being Developed

By David Ponce

You’ve probably seen the TV types framing shots with their fingers, doing an L square with their hands. You might have done it yourself. Well what if we told you that there’s a chance you might one day be able to take pictures, or even film by doing just that. It turns out researchers at Japan’s Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences are working on just such project. And while they’re still very far from any sort of commercial product, they have made some interesting progress. The device you see pictured above is dubbed the Ubi-Camera and it fits over an index finger. On one side there’s a camera lens and sensor, while on the other is an IR range finder. You simply move the focal point around by moving your fingers away or towards your face: nearer to your face for wide-angle shots or further away for close-ups. Press a button and the shot is snapped.

There are some pretty major hurdles at the moment, like the range finder getting out of whack by lighting conditions. Also there’s no zoom; zoom is entirely done in post processing. Still, considering the tech being developed here, it’s not a stretch to think that in a couple years we may be buying finger mounted cameras that we frame with our hands.

VIA [ Engadget ]