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Thermochromic Table Leaves Print Of Your Large Behind, If Only Temporarily

Proving that designers with a sense of humor still exist, the ‘Linger A Little Longer’ table by Jay Watson, from the UK, is likely to stir up a fair bit of conversation if purchased in the typically heavier-set US of A. It features a thermochromic finish that goes clear when heated, and exposes the wood underneath. As it cools back down, it becomes opaque once more. This means that whatever warm object you place on it will leave a temporary mark, whether that’s plates, your arms, hands or of course, butt. It’s intended as a conversation piece, and we think in that respect, it hits the mark. It’s also kind of expensive, clocking in at a hefty £1 541 (or roughly $2,500) excluding VAT. We don’t know if the VAT applies if you buy from outside the EU, but you’ll have to throw in an extra $500 or so if you have to end up paying that tax. That’s a lot of money for a table that’s likely to give you self-esteem issues. Still, if you want to look at more pictures of that table, or find out where to buy it, hit the jump.

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Because This Is The Bookcase You Deserve, But Not The One You Need Right Now

You need a practical bookcase, one that can efficiently serve as storage for the mountains of paperbacks that you refuse to throw once you’ve read them. You need to be able to order them alphabetically, for easy retrieval. You need to look at them in neat stacks. After all, you always get your ducks in a row. But you’re looking at this case, and you know you really want it. We want it too, even if the book mosaic within is making us anxious; unlike Lt. James Gordon’s easy decision to cast Batman as a villain, we’re a little torn.

The $283 price tag, however, and the relative emptiness of the bank account is making the point somewhat moot. Maybe not for you though, so hit the link at the bottom to order yours, if you’re so inclined. They’re made to order, and measure 22 x 32 inch / 56 x 82 cm.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GearHungry ]

UP Table Looks Good, Is Expensive

You can have nice things. You’re just gonna have to pay a lot for them most of the time. If any of you watched the movie Up!, you probably enjoyed it: it was great! And the table you see here, from British designer Christopher Duffy, is inspired by that movie. If you’ll recall, that was the animation flick where this grumpy old man with a square face takes off to the skies by attaching his house to a bunch of balloons. So, yeah, the balloons…

Working with the illusion of levitation and buoyancy, the UP coffee table is a playful trompe l’oeil, giving the impression that a piece of glass is being suspended by small balloons.

Anyway, a cool looking, whimsical piece of furniture of which there are only 20 being made will set you back a cool £5,800, which is roughly $9,300 in Yankee money.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ BonjourLife ]

Bookends No More With This Angled Shelf

We like functional design. That’s a design that looks cool, but does more than just look cool, like the Lean Bookshelf above. Featuring a modular set of stackable segments, the bookshelf requires no bookends since the books it holds are stacked at an angle; gravity takes care of keeping them upright, albeit not quite vertical. It’s a quirky design, one that we wouldn’t mind seeing in our living spaces. That’s of course because we still own dead tree books. You know the ones: they require no batteries! Yeah… those.

We don’t have pricing information on account of this being a South Korea design studio, Monocomplex, whose website appears to be down at the moment.

[ Manufacturer's Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

The iRock Is An iPad Dock With Rocking Chair Built Around It

This is a rocking chair. We think people who like rocking chairs will dig it. Unlike a regular such piece of furniture though, this one has a few tricks up its sleeve. For one, it has an extendable boom which features an iDevice dock. Clearly an iPad would be more adapted to the intended use here, but an iPhone of iPod will work too. Once connected, you can playback amplified sound through both of the 25W speakers located on either side of the backrest. And better yet, a connected generator will make electricity with every rocking motion, recharging up to 35% of an iPad’s battery in one hour.

Of course a fancy pants rocking chair that doubles as a recharging iDevice doesn’t come cheap: you’ll pay $1,300 for the privilege of owning it.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ DVice ]

The Fibonacci Cabinet Tickles Our Math Bone

The Fibonacci Sequence or the Fibonacci Numbers are arguably one of the most significant series not just in mathematics, but also in the natural world. If you’re uninitiated, the series goes 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13… Each successive number is arrived by adding the two preceding it. And it’s important because it surfaces time and time again in nature, such as in the “branching of trees, the arrangement of leaves on a stem, the fruitlets of a pineapple, the flowering of artichoke or an uncurling fern, and the arrangement of a pine cone.” The cabinet you see above is inspired by the Chinese medicine cabinet, only instead of having drawers all the same size, each of the seven drawers here is sized after a number in the sequence. Made of bamboo, each drawer is independent and the entire cabinet can be rearranged at will.

We love it.

We don’t know how much it is, but it apparently can be bought and is made to order. Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures and links.

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Blackhawk Secretary Trunk Is An Office In A Case

This made the rounds back in March, and we missed it. Shame on us, because the Blackhawk Secretary Trunk is pretty badass. It’s a six foot tall case that contains everything necessary to setup an office. Think of it as a giant road case (like those from travelling rock shows), only wrapped in pre-stressed aluminum and rivets, to give it that mid-20th century aircraft look. The “pre-stressed” part just means they banged on it to artificially age it and make it look like it’s been to a few places. Truth be told, at 525lbs, there’s no chance we’re going to actually, you know, go anywhere with it. But we sure as heck wouldn’t mind decking out our headquarters with these… if only they didn’t cost $4,295.

[ Product Page ]

Smart Bra Monitors Your Mammaries for Signs of the Big C

Smart Bra

The earlier you catch it, the better your chances of treating it and living a longer life. I’m talking about the Big C. Every year, over 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer–and a number of them will end up succumbing to the disease, depending on what stage their cancer is and on their overall health.

This is why I think the Breast Tissue Screening Bra is such a wonderful project! It’s a smart bra that’s equipped with sensors that can measure small temperature changes as they occur. The temperature spikes could mean nothing, but they could be caused by the growth of blood vessels which signal the growth of tumors. The sensors will take note of the chronology of cell cycles and use a pattern recognition system combined with statistical analysis software to pinpoint tumors even before mammograms can detect them.

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Eastpak Backpack Sofa Has Pockets to Stash All Your Extra Stuff

Backpack Couch

In this day and age, there’s really no such thing as having too much space. You’ve probably accumulated a whole lot of crap stuff over the years and renting storage spaces nowadays isn’t really as cheap as it used to be. So why not pack on more of your baggage into your furniture? It’s normally impossible to do so but not if you’ve got the Eastpak Sofa.

It’s covered in the same material that your backpack is made from and then some. That’s because the sofa looks like it’s got a couple of backpags and pouches sewn onto it to make space for all the little things that you haven’t found an alternative space for. Magazines? Pens? Remote controls? Headphones? Even random foodstuffs like candy and gum? There’s room for all that and more on the Eastpak. Your chair, your rules.

Hit the break for a couple more images of the sofa followed by links on where to get it!

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