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Yo Dawg, We Heard You Like Fridge Doors So We Put A Fridge Door In Your Fridge Door

One of LG’s high-end fridges has a feature called Door-In-Door which lets you quickly access your favourite items without actually, you know, opening the door. The idea is that every time you open the whole door you let out some of the cold air and that… screws things up a bit. We’re not convinced that it makes that big of a difference, to be honest, but we don’t have lab coats and clipboards so we could be wrong.

The fridge itself is pretty huge, storing 31 sq. ft. of foodstuffs, but the main thing we wanted to talk about was the door-in-door thing. It’s nifty.

Oh, and you have to spend $3,500 on the fridge to get it.

Hit the jump for a pretty sweet promo video and links.

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