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‘Hell is Other People’ Helps You Avoid People

Hell is Other Poeple

Feeling anti-social? Now there’s a web app for that. It’s aptly called ‘Hell is Other People’ and it was created by Scott Garner as a web experiment in anti-social media. The service uses data from your Foursquare account to map a route around town or wherever you want to go that will avoid any place or location where your friends are. You know, just in case you’re feeling anti-social and don’t want to run into anyone you know when you’re out and about.

Scott explains that the app “calculates optimally distanced locations” from where your friends have checked in so you can avoid them.

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Foursquare Time Machine Turns Your Check-Ins Into an Infographic

Foursquare Time Machine

If you can’t go anywhere without checking in on Foursquare, then you might find the Time Machine helpful in tracing and mapping out every place you’ve visited in the past few months. It’s basically a data visualization tool that uses your check-in data to create a colorful map with the places you’ve been to pointed out by bright orbs.

You can zoom in to each point on the map so you can see where it is and when you visited that location. The background music sets the tone for your past adventures, and you can easily share the graphic with your network using the tool.

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