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‘Human Type’ is a Font From Human Faces

Human Type Font


So this is called Human Type, and it’s a seven-character typeface released recently by design studio Kerozen. It’s unlike any other font out there for obvious reasons: it was created using actual human faces (or more accurately, bits and pieces of their faces.) Created by JC Debroize, each letter is inspired by a particular member of the design team.

JC explains: “I first made the letters in old-school 3-D with modeling clay. We shot pictures of the letters and of the design team’s faces. Then I made a mapping of skin textures on the letters with Photoshop and added the hair and the eyes. It was not a problem to show an unflattering image of us. We laughed a lot making this.”

Hit the break for close-up looks of Human Type.

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Anti-NSA Typeface Makes Your Messages Hard to Decrypt

Anti-NSA typeface

If you thought that some people were just being paranoid when they said that there was always someone listening in on conversations or reading every message being sent, then I guess the whole NSA debacle proved you wrong. Since the news broke, anti-NSA programs and software have been floating around on the interwebs, although I think most of these don’t really work.

Sang Mun, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, decided to express what he felt about the whole situation by creating ZXX, a “disruptive typeface” that’s named after the Library of Congress’s “no linguistic content” labeling code.

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Dyslexic No More: Now Dyslexics Can Read Easy With This Font

Dyslexia Font

It’s not easy being dyslexic. Unfortunately, one in every ten people have dyslexia. Aside from having it rough trying to read traditional print material like books and newspapers, dyslexics also often have a hard time processing web pages because most of the content are usually text-based.

So Aberlardo Gonzalez decided to do something about it: he created a free font called OpenDyslexic which thickens the bottom part of most letters, which reduces a symptom that rotates the images that a person with dyslexia is looking at. As Gonzalez puts it, no good deed goes unpunished as he was threatened with a cease and desist letter from fontmaker Christian Boer, who accused the former of copying a commercial dyslexic-targeted font he had created a couple of years back.

Gonzalez pushed forward though and is still offering his font for free, which has been his work in progress for over a year now. You can get the font here.

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You Will Love This: Puppytext Lets You Type in Puppy-Style

Puppytext Site

What’s not to like about puppies? They’re cute, they’re adorable, and most of all, they’re incredibly cuddly. You could probably even manage to cheer up even the moodiest of grouches by showing him an image or two of puppies in all their fuzzy splendor.

It really doesn’t come as much of a surprise, then, that puppies now have their own font. I’m not talking about paw prints or caricatures of puppies packed into a Wingdings font. Rather, I’m talking about Puppytext, which features photographs of a litter of puppies positioned into various letters and characters for your typing pleasure. It’s not an actual font file in the strict sense of the word, since you can get your fill of puppy-filled text by heading over to the Puppytext website or getting its iPhone app which is priced at $1.29.

Go on, try it out. I know you want to.

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